Zombie Quentin kidnaps Rachel

Jeremiah Zombie

Jeremiah Collins resurrected as a Zombie in the original series.

A zombie is a reanimated human corpse. On Dark Shadows, zombies were typically raised from the dead to do the work of others in the world of the living.


Raising from the GraveEdit

Unfortunate corpses can be disturbed and awaken from their eternal sleep by unscrupulous individual by means of witchcraft and other uncanny ways to do their bidding. They are usually implemented for sinister tasks such as scaring and assaulting the living, to even kill whomever crossed the person who raised the zombie.

In order to raise Jeremiah Collins from his grave, Angelique performed a ritual using a clay figure in a little coffin. Then she had to lure Josette to Jeremiah’s grave, to call his name and summon him back to the world of the living. (393)

Because they are reanimated corpses, the appearance of a zombie differ from one another but they share a few common traits such ad staring into space. Depending on the state of decomposition (including eventual wounds that led them to their graves), they appear more or less rotting and moving jerkingly towards their victim of choice. (Episode 9)

Zombies are likely able to appear and disappear at will whilst haunting their victims, a trait shared with ghosts. According to the purpose and circumstances that brought them back, they also appear more or less aware of the environment around them. (393)

Notable zombies Edit


Jeremiah Collins as a zombie in the Revival Series

Quotes Edit

“…the icy hands, the vacant stare, the lurching walk…Driven by a mind outside his body. They talked of him with terror and they had a reason to because…he was a zombie…They burned cypress and myrrh beside the empty coffin. The zombie was brought back to rest when the scents soothed him…they buried the coffin and covered it with cement. If the body sought to walk, it couldn’t.” – Episode 723

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