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Worthington Hall, located in the town of Rockport, was a private school whose headmaster, Gregory Trask had a fine reputation. Trask was assisted by his wife, Minerva and daughter, Charity (725) and also had a devoted follower, the teacher Dorcas Trilling.

In 1897, Edward Collins arranged to have his children, Jamison and Nora, sent to Worthington Hall. Gregory Trask himself arrived at Collinwood to meet the children and take them away, but a family crisis delayed him from taking the children. With the help of Quentin Collins and Barnabas Collins, Jamison eluded Gregory Trask for a time until he was able to get a promise from his father to rethink his decision (727-728).

The family governess, Rachel Drummond was a former resident of Worthington Hall. According to Rachel, the Trask family separated the children, afraid they would rise up against them. The children at Worthington Hall were all children whose parents did not want to raise them. Many were orphans, such as herself, forced upon uncaring relatives. Because of this, Worthington Hall received great praise from their clients and no one ever believed what the children said about the institution (728). Strict punishments were given for any unlearned lessons. She was forced to teach there to pay off her tuition and board, for which she was overcharged, and then her salary was withheld until she was forced to steal it and run away (728).

Worthington Hall was later burned down by Laura Collins in an attempt for her to get Nora Collins.

In Big Finish's The Poisoned Soul, it is revealed that Charity Trask rebuilt the school, as a girls' school in Collinsport, where she was headmistress by 1941.