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Maggie Evans caresses the wolf's-head cane.

Barnabas Collins was rarely seen while not in possession of his wolf's-head cane.


Barnabas was first seen with it when he arrived at Collinwood (211).

Barnabas left his cane behind when visiting Maggie Evans at the diner so that he would have a reason to return later (221). It was mentioned that the head of the cane was made of both silver and gold. He told her it was one of his most prized possessions.

Barnabas dropped the cane when he attacked, but failed to kill, Maude Browning (439). Nathan Forbes found the cane and recognized it, and gave it to Noah Gifford. He had Noah attack Millicent Collins (443) and drop the cane while Nathan pretended to rescue her (444).

Barnabas uses his cane to beat Adam into submission when Adam attacked Willie Loomis. Adam grabbed the cane from Barnabas and threw it away (500).

Because the wolf's-head handle was made of silver, it saved Barnabas from both Chris Jennings (640, 673699) and Quentin Collins (754) when they were in werewolf form.

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