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Will Loomis
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John Karlen

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William Hollingshead Loomis

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Jumped from Collinwood tower room, manipulated by Angelique Stokes



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Carolyn Stoddard Loomis (Wife)

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This article is about the 1970 parallel time character. For the present-day character, see Willie Loomis.

William Hollingshead Loomis was an alcoholic author who lived on the Collins estate in 1970 parallel time.

Will was married to Carolyn Loomis, and together they lived in Loomis House, but their marriage was seldom a happy one. The two had numerous disagreements and fought constantly. It was later revealed that Will once had an affair with Angelique Stokes Collins, which Carolyn eventually found out about, but the two were able to reconcile.

Will became famous by writing a book about the parallel version of Barnabas Collins, entitled The Life and Death of Barnabas Collins. In parallel time, Barnabas had married Josette Collins and they had four sons. The book was a best-seller, but Will was never able to duplicate the success.

When the vampire version of Barnabas Collins crossed over into parallel time, Will managed to trap him in a coffin in the cellar of Loomis House, with plans to write a new book about Barnabas. Eventually, Barnabas was freed and bit Will, putting him under his power and forcing him to destroy his new book.

Will committed suicide by jumping from the tower room window at Collinwood when Angelique confronted him and demanded to know Barnabas' secret. Instead of telling her that he was a vampire, he chose to protect Barnabas and fell to his death.


  • Curiously, the fact that both he and Carolyn were victims of Barnabas seemed to draw the unhappy couple together. This made William's death especially tragic, as Carolyn was shattered by the news and became an alcoholic. She eventually lost her desire to live and was killed soon after William's death.


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