Will Grant was a private business attorney working in the Collinsport area in the late 1960s. Among his most affluent clients were the Collins family and entrepreneur Burke Devlin. Will Grant’s cousin, Nora (who lived in Portland, Oregon), would spend the summers in Collinsport and spent her time between Will’s office and the gift shop that she worked at part-time.

In 1967, Will met Victoria Winters and instantly became infatuated with her. Vicki liked Will as a friend, but never reciprocated his feelings for her.

In June of that same year, Will learned that a local artist named Paul Caine was seen loitering about the Collins estate and making passes towards Victoria. Protective of Vicki, Will developed an instant distrust of Paul and soon discovered that Paul was, in fact, not the artist that he claimed to be. He warned Vicki and convinced her to keep her distance from Paul Caine.

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Dark Shadows (novel)

Victoria Winters (novel)

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