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Widows' Hill was the name of a cliff overlooking the coastline on the Collinwood estate. The shores of the beach surrounding Widows' Hill were a short distance away from the northern coves of St. Eustace Island.

In July of 1797, Josette DuPres took her own life by leaping off of the cliff onto the rocks below. Although other people may have used the cliff’s edge as a means of suicide, Josette is the only person on record known to have killed themselves there. The region earned its name due to the fact that Josette’s body was found adorned in a French wedding gown. The name Widows' Hill is something of a misnomer however, as Josette killed herself before ever actually getting married.

In July of 1970, Barnabas Collins recalled the tale of Widows' Hill to his servant, Willie Loomis.

Notes  It was Josette Collins who lept from Widow's Hill and she was indeed a widow having been previously married To Barnabas' uncle, Jeremiah. Edit

  • As the written name Widows' Hill is pluralized, it is safe to assume that more than one person leapt to their deaths from atop the grassy cliff.
  • In the continuity of the original Dark Shadows television series, there have been several documented cases of women committing suicide from atop Widows' Hill.

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