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The west wing of Collinwood was a section of the house which, in 1966, had been in disuse for about 50 years (84). The last resident of the west wing was the second Quentin Collins (although revealed several years later, this fits with the previous history).

In the 1960s, it was a frequent play-place for David Collins, who remarked that he saw two ghosts there (90), one of whom was Josette Collins. He locked Vicki in a west wing room (84), from which she was saved by Roger (87), who accessed it through the secret panel in thedrawing room. During the experience, the ghost of Bill Malloy appeared to her there.

In 1968, Carolyn Stoddard hid Adam in a room in the west wing. Adam's secret hideout room looked out onto the fountain in the courtyard (550). At this time (553), Vicki again was held prisoner in the west wing.

When Quentin Collins returned to Collinwood in 1970, posing as his own descendant, it is implied that he moved back into the west wing.

The 1995 and pre-1840 storylines featured a prominent playroom that was located in the west wing, behind which was the original Quentin's stairway into time.

The west wing was accessed by a door at the end of the upstairs hallway. It is often shown as the nearest door to Vicki’s.