Chris Jennings in werewolf form.

A werewolf is a (possibly supernatural) creature/human that resembles a hybrid of a human being and a wolf. It is savagely dangerous, but only exists (usually) during the three nights of the full moon. The rest of the time, a werewolf is nothing but an ordinary human being. However, in human form, the werewolf sometimes sees a sign that someone is destined to be attacked by them—a pentagram visible only to the werewolf.

Evidently, only men can be werewolves. The only demonstrable means of becoming a werewolf is to be cursed by a witch or a warlock, or to be the descendant of another werewolf.

These two rules do not apply to the 2012 film universe, in which Carolyn Stoddard is a werewolf (a teen-aged one, no less) having been bitten in the crib by a creature sent by the witch Angelique. Her appearance is also quite different, with a more lupine body (she even runs on all fours) but more human face. Likewise she seems able to retain much of her humanity, even retaining speech and memory. It remains unknown whether her change was in any way tied to the full moon.
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Werewolves can only be killed in their beastly form by silver weapons such as silver bullets or a silver-headed cane. If killed in human form, the werewolf will become the animal and stay that way permanently (944).

Most werewolves do not remember what happens while in their bestial state. They do, however, remember the beginning of their transformation.

It is unconfirmed whether or not killing a werewolf while he is in his human form will cause him to become the beast forever. Jeb Hawkes tells this to Bruno, but seeing as the Leviathans are afraid of werewolves, it may be his paranoia. Jeb Hawkes also revealed that werewolves were plentiful in the time of the Leviathans, and that his race nearly hunted them to extinction many times, but always one would evade capture and howl at the moon to taunt them.

Known werewolves:

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  • The first werewolf transformation in the series was seen in 640.
  • All werewolves in the original series were portrayed by Alex Stevens in their bestial form.

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