Vincent Hoffman

Vincent Hoffman

Vincent Hoffman was one of the leading town elders of a small village in Maine known as Barrettstown. He married a young woman named Lara, and together they represented one of the last families not to have suffered from centuries’ worth of inbreeding. In 1991, Vincent and Lara ran afoul of an evil, immortal preacher named Redmond Swann. Swann had his misshapen ghouls capture the Hoffmans with plans on executing them. The Hoffmans’ niece, Dr. Julia Hoffman arrived in Barrettstown along with Barnabas Collins to free the village from the villainy of Redmond Swann. With the help of Barnabas, Julia and Willie Loomis, Vincent succeeded in trapping Swann and his congregation inside of his church. Vincent struck a match and burned the entire edifice, and all inside, to the ground.

Shortly thereafter, Vincent learned that his wife Lara, was actually the reincarnation of the witch, Angelique. The spirit of Angelique rose from Lara’s body and attacked Vincent. Whether or not Vincent survived the incident is unknown.

Notes Edit

  • Vincent is an original character who was featured exclusively in the Dark Shadows comic book series. He never appeared in the television show.

Appearances Edit

Dark Shadows: Book One #3

Dark Shadows: Book One #4

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