Victoria Winters (1991)
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Joanna Going

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Episode 1

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Episode 12

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Victoria Winters

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New York, USA



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Victoria Winters (b. 1966) moved to Collinwood in 1990 to serve as governess to David Collins. She became romantically involved with Barnabas Collins, but was unaware that he was a vampire. Victoria was sent back in time to the year 1790 to save the future of the Collins family from the vengeful and jealous witch Angelique, and in the process was herself wrongfully convicted of witchcraft

Biography Edit

When Vicki was twenty-five years old, she accepted a teaching position as a personal governess to young David Collins. She boarded a train, and left New York for the fishing village of Collinsport, in the state of Maine.

Upon arriving at the great house of Collinwood, she immediately learned that David was an angry, troublesome young boy. He was extremely hostile towards Vicki and tried to scare her off by taunting her with various creatures such as dead rats and tarantulas.

Victoria dressed as Josette

Victoria attends the Collinwood ball dressed as Josette DuPres

Personal Life Edit

Vicki loved horseback riding. She enjoyed going down to the Collinwood stables and grooming a brown thoroughbred horse named Carolyn.

Victoria bore an uncanny resemblance to Josette Collins, and when she discovered this she became fascinated by Josette's story. She even wore Josette's dress to the Collinwood costume ball.

She was in love with Barnabas Collins, who was attracted to her because of her resemblance to Josette.

Notes Edit

The character of Victoria Winters was born in 1966, the same year that the original Dark Shadows television series first aired. Whether Vicki's age was an intentional wink to the original series or not has never been revealed.

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