Verne Haggerty was the Sheriff of Collinsport in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was the successor of Jim Hardy. He was presumably related to Mrs. Haggerty.

Beyond the GraveEdit

When Maggie Evans crashes her car into Eagle Hill Cemetery to try and stop the television broadcast of Beyond The Grave, Jim Hardy receives a radio message from Verne saying that fights are breaking out in Collinsport.  

The Harvest of SoulsEdit

In a dream sequence where Maggie imagines herself married to Jim, she is informed of his death by Verne.  

Kingdom of the DeadEdit

When residents of Collinsport are plagued by mysterious visions of corpses, Verne is reluctant to investigate. He is later forced to shoot himself by the Rankin creature. He left behind a widow, Kate.  

Verne was succeeded as Sheriff by Rhonda Tate.  

Background Information and notes Edit

Verne was played by James Storm.

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