NightBear is a cataloger at the University of Florida's George A. Smathers Libraries. He holds a BS in Chemistry/General Mathematics and an MS in Library Science. In addition to his professional interest he is an avid fan of classic horror movies (particularly Hammer House), stamp collecting, and online gaming.

He is deeply concerned with eyebrows, particularly those of Rev. Trask (BLACK! and full!), Nicholas Blair (you can see his real eyebrows, the fake ones are much darker and point upwards from the center) and Eve (real eyebrows covered with makeup but still visible, fake ones drawn above).

UPDATE! (June 2008) - Has become suspicious of Quentin's eyebrows! Left eyebrow permanently arched ... sure enough, you can see the fake one drawn over the real one too!

He joined the CollinWiki on Mar. 13, 2008.

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