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  • I live in Las Vegas
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is Engineer
  • I am Male

A.K.A. User:, when I don't notice that I've been automatically logged out. (Grrrrr....)


Mine is a common story: rushed home after school (junior high) to watch DS. What fun.

I started on the DVDs on Halloween 2008, one episode per day, and finished a few days early on March 3, 2012 — with a huge backlog of other videos to watch that have just been piling up.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover this Wiki until I was almost done with my DS viewing marathon, so I didn't get to touch up or fill in many pages. Maybe next time. (Ha!)

I have a recollection of the series end that doesn't match what I saw on the DVDs. Weird. I remember multiple storylines being wrapped up in a single episode and Collinwood in flames.

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