I became a Dark Shadows fan with the 1991 Revival Series and have since seen many episodes of the original series. Apcatton 21:19, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

1991 Series:

I have completed full pages for Barnabas Collins (1991), Julia Hoffman (1991), Carolyn Stoddard (1991), Joe Haskell (1991), Natalie du Prés (1991), and Jeremiah Collins (1991).

Also- Collins Family History Book (1991), Serology Experiment BC1, Transference of entities, Jonathan Harker, Portrait of Barnabas Collins (1991), Portrait of Josette Collins (1991), Portrait of Jeremiah Collins (1991).

Original Series:

I am in the process of writing the biography of Julia Hoffman and I have also finished her counterpart in Parallel Time, Julia Hoffman (PT). I am also working on Quentin Collins (1970 PT), Collinwood (1970 PT), and Collinwood (1841 PT). I have made pages for several aspects of the Leviathan storyline including the Naga Box, Leviathan Altar, Leviathan Book, Megan Todd, Schuyler Rumson, and Jeb Hawkes.

Also- Stairway into Time, Playroom, The Playroom Theme, Ode to Angelique, Shadows of the Night (Quentin's Theme), Roxanne Drew, Joanna, astral body, East wing parlor, east wing, Hallie Stokes, Collinwood (1970 PT), zombie, 1995, supernatural shadow.

I attended the 2010 Dark Shadows Festival on Saturday, July 17th in Burbank, California.

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