Reverend Trask was a charlatan witch-hunter from Salem. He was also a friend of Abigail Collins. Abigail went to him to tell him of her suspicions of Victoria Winters being a witch. She showed him the dress she arrived in as proof of witchcraft. At the funeral of Jeremiah Collins, Trask abducted Victoria and brought her to jail. He served as the main prosecutor in her case. During the trial, Trask presented Victoria's journal and the book of the Collins Family History as evidence of witchcraft. The real witch, Angelique, arrived suddenly to testify against Victoria Winters. Victoria was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Trask never lived to see to execution. On the eve of the execution, Barnabas Collins had arranged for Ben Loomis to lure Trask to the Old House. Barnabas forced Trask to write a confession letter saying that he lied in court and that Victoria Winters was innocent. After he wrote the letter, Barnabas and Ben walled Trask up in the basement of the Old House. Peter Bradford turned Trask's letter to the governor, but Angelique caused his letter to disappear. Victoria Winters was able to get back to the present during the execution.

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