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This article belongs to the continuity of the 1991 Revival series.

A transference of entities was a psychic phenomena in which two beings physically traded places through mystical means. The exchange could be made across both distance and time (6, 7, 12). In order for the transfer to be reversed, both people had to be alive (6, 12).

In 1991, during a séance at Collinwood, Victoria Winters mystically switched places with Phyllis Wicke, a governess from the year 1790. Phyllis Wicke arrived in Victoria's chair at the table (6), and Victoria appeared near the Old House on the Collins Estate in 1790 (7).

Maggie Evans, the medium for the séance, suggested that Victoria may have disappeared through a transference of entities, and explained that if anything happened to Phyllis, that the group would be unlikely to get Victoria back again (6). Later, the spirit of Angelique Bouchard, inside Maggie's body, attempted to kill Phyllis to prevent the return exchange from occurring (12).