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Tracy Collins
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Kate Jackson


Night of Dark Shadows

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Tracy Collins

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Tracy Collins was the wife of Quentin Collins and came to live with him at the great house of Collinwood in 1971.

Within a matter of days, Tracy began to notice that bizarre things were beginning to happen to Quentin. He became more withdrawn, secluding himself to the privacy of the 3rd floor tower room for days on end. He even became violent. One evening, Quentin tried to rape Tracy, but she was able to resist his efforts.

She soon learned that the spirit of Quentin’s ancestor, Charles Collins was trying to take possession of him. Charles’ spirit was in league with the ghost of a dead witch named Angelique Collins. The spirit of Charles Collins overwhelmed Quentin and he tried to drown Tracy in the swimming pool at the Old House. After this incident, Tracy left Collinwood and began to stay at the home of Alex and Claire Jenkins.

A man named Gerard Stiles broke into the Jenkins’ cottage and abducted Tracy. Quentin managed to gain control of his body for a brief period and tracked Gerard and Tracy to an old wooden bridge. As the two men fought, Tracy battered Gerard across the back of the head with a lead pipe, causing him to fall off of the bridge to his death.

Tracy believed that Quentin had managed to completely exorcise the spirit of the evil Charles Collins from his body, but she was wrong. As they returned to Collinwood, Charles Collins took complete control of Quentin and attacked Tracy. Tracy’s ultimate fate, whether she lived or died – is unknown.

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