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The tower room at Collinwood was located on the third floor of the great estate in Collinsport, Maine. In 1810, Charles Collins and Angelique Collins would often use the tower room to carry out their secret trysts, much to the dismay of Angelique's husband - Charles' brother, Gabriel.

Later, a young girl named Sarah Castle, standing behind a tower window overlooking the grounds, witnessed the hanging-execution of the witch, Angelique. Because of Sarah’s closeness to Angelique, a portion of the witch’s ghostly essence remained behind in the tower for years to come.

By 1970, the tower had been put to more appropriate use. The 1st floor level of the tower accommodated the drawing room area of the mansion. The third floor room, had been refurnished as a small library. Unlike the main library on the first floor, this secondary library contained all of the records pertaining to the Collins family history. Dr. Julia Hoffman used the tower library as a place to conduct research into the family’s background during her sabbatical from her medical work.

In 1971, Collinwood’s new owner, Quentin Collins decided that he wanted to establish an art studio somewhere in the house. Upon the recommendation of his housekeeper, Carlotta Drake, he chose the tower room because of its privacy and atmosphere.

Quentin soon learned that the ghost of his ancestor, Charles Collins, still maintained a heavy presence in the tower room. The spirit of Charles Collins slowly began to take possession of Quentin. Over the course of several nights, Quentin found himself spending more and more time secured away inside the tower, and neglecting the remainder of the house. He even kept a special key, hidden away from his wife, Tracy. This was partially done for the purpose of protecting Tracy, as some part of Quentin’s subconscious was aware of the fact that his mind and his body were no longer his own.

As the spirit of Charles Collins grew stronger and stronger, the aesthetic demeanor of Quentin’s work took a more perverse turn. One of his paintings detailed an image of Charles Collins carrying the dead body of Quentin’s wife, Tracy, in his arms and laying her at the feet of Angelique.

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