Tony Peterson
Tony Peterson
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Jerry Lacy

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The Death Mask
The Voodoo Amulet
The Last Stop
The Phantom Bride
The Devil Cat

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Anthony Peterson

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Arthur Hailey


Maine, New England, USA



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Anthony "Tony" Peterson was an attorney who practiced in Collinsport in the late '60s. Among his clients were Julia Hoffman (357) and Eric Lang (489). He had a secretary, who was also his aunt, who worked for him one hour every day.

Tony grew up, without money, in Collinsport and had admired local beauty Carolyn Stoddard since childhood. When Carolyn visited his office in 1967, she didn't remember having met him before his earlier visit to Collinwood that day. He told her that he'd been a lifeguard on the beach the day she wore her first bikini and that he'd also been her caddy when she had first learned to play golf (357). Following a lawsuit, brought upon by Tim Newly, a disgruntled worker in the cannery, Tony became romantically involved with Carolyn.

Their romance failed when he became the victim of Cassandra Collins and Carolyn was in the thrall of Barnabas Collins. Tony was ordered by Cassandra to poison Professor Stokes but the attempt failed (510). Julia and Professor Stokes then asked him to take part in a seance to contact Reverend Trask's spirit. The seance was successful with Tony being briefly possessed by Trask (511). He was later visited by Nicholas Blair who hypnotised him and made Tony tell him about his experiences (523).

Some time later, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard asked Tony to visit Collinwood so that she could change her will. While there, he admitted to Carolyn that Cassandra had had him under her spell and wondered if their relationship could be resumed. They kissed but, after Carolyn left, Tony was attacked by a jealous Adam (577). He was helped into Collinwood by Roger and Carolyn unaware of who had attacked him. Carolyn then walked Tony to his car and he left Collinwood (578).

Carolyn confided in a jealous Adam that she liked Tony and was attracted to him but wasn't sure if she was in love with him (578).


Peterson was young, handsome, but also cynical. Having grown up poor; he displayed a distain for the wealthy, namely the Collins family.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Tony Peterson was Jerry Lacy's first role on the show.
  • Jerry Lacy reprised the role of Tony Peterson in the 2011 audio drama, The Death Mask, forty-three years after Tony's final appearance in episode 578.
  • Carolyn once said to Tony "it's a good thing you're a lawyer" because "you'd make a lousy detective" (358). Tony would later become a detective (The Death Mask).
  • Although it was never confirmed on the show, it was strongly implied that Tony was a descendant of the Trask family, with other characters mentioning his similarity in appearance to Reverend Trask. He was revealed to be a Trask descendent in Vengeance at Collinwood.

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357, 358, 359, 360, 362, 363, 463, 477, 481, 489, 499, 502, 509, 510, 511, 513, 523, 577, 578

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