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Timothy Stokes (PT)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Thayer David

First appearance


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Episode count


Biographical Information

Timothy Stokes

Also known as


Date of birth

1919 PT

Year of death

1970 PT

Manner of death

Died in a fire caused by himself

Family members

Unnamed wife (Deceased)
Angelique Stokes Collins (Stepdaughter)
Alexis Stokes (Stepdaughter)
Daniel Collins (Grandson)

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Timothy Stokes was the evil stepfather of Angelique Stokes Collins and Alexis Stokes in 1970 Parallel Time. He was the father-in-law of Quentin Collins and grandfather to Daniel Collins; however, his relationship with the Collins family was never very strong.


An evil and calculating man, Stokes was very close with Angelique but had little patience for Alexis. The two often went years without seeing each other. On the other hand, his love for Angelique was so great that following her death he sought a way to bring her back to life.

He managed to manipulate Claude North into surrendering his girlfriend, Roxanne Drew, into providing the life force for his dead daughter. Although he was successful, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman discovered Roxanne's lifeless body and returned her to life, thereby killing Angelique for good.

As an act of vengeance against the entire Collins family for eliminating Angelique once and for all, Stokes destroyed Collinwood by setting it on fire. Stokes died in that fire, while Barnabas and Julia escaped via the Parallel Time room.



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