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The aim of this timeline is to document each on-screen day that occurs during 1225 episodes of the original series. A single on-screen day can cover anything from 1 to 17 episodes. Information indicating how much time passes from one episode to the next can be found on the individual episode pages. Although reference is occasionally made to the date, it is never stated when exactly the year changes, particularly in-regard to the gap of time between 1967 to 1970, but also with 1795 to 1796, itself sometime referred to as 1797.


Episodes 1 to 135, which aired in 1966, are assumed to be in the 1967 timeline. No on-screen date is referenced during this time. In 157, the present year is given for the first time as 1967. A date of October 26th, 1967 is indicated in 189 which this timeline uses as a starting point.

Day Episodes Description
1 1 to 4 Victoria Winters arrives in Collinsport to be the governess of David Collins.
2 4 to 20 Roger Collins' car crashes on the way down the hill from Collinwood.
3 20 to 36 Victoria finds the missing bleeder valve, which caused Roger's car to crash, in David's room.
4 37 to 47 Bill Malloy threatens to reveal details about a feud between Roger and Burke Devlin.
5 47 to 51 Victoria and Carolyn Stoddard find Bill's dead body at the bottom of Widows' Hill.
6 52 to 66 An autopsy confirms that Bill died of drowning.
7 67 to 70 The ghost of Josette Collins emerges from her portrait in the Old House.
8 71 to 78 Victoria finds an expensive looking fountain pen on the beach where Bill died.
9 79 to 87 David locks Victoria in a room in a remote part of the closed off wing of Collinwood.
10 87 to 91 Roger attempts to scare Victoria away from Collinwood by pretending to be a ghost.
11 92 to 96 Victoria goes to Bangor in the hope of discovering information about her past.
12 96 to 97 Victoria suspects Burke murdered Bill.
13 98 Mrs. Johnson moves into Collinwood to be the housekeeper.
14 98 to 103 Victoria suspects Roger murdered Bill.
15 104 to 105 Victoria is almost the victim of a hit and run.
16 106 to 112 Matthew Morgan blurts out to Victoria that he murdered Bill.
17 113 David finds Matthew hiding out at the Old House
18 114 David helps Matthew continue to hide by bringing him food.
19 115 to 119 Matthew holds Victoria prisoner at the Old House.
20 120 to 126 Matthew dies of a heart attack caused by Bill's ghost.
21 127 to 129 While drunk Sam Evans paints a portrait of Laura Collins in flames.
22 129 to 132 Laura returns to Collinwood and announces that she wants custody of David.
23 132 to 139 A body identified matching that of Laura is found burned to death in Phoenix, Arizona.
24 139 to 140 David begins to trust Laura, she tells him the story of the Phoenix.
25 141 to 143 Victoria brings Sam's portrait of Laura back to Collinwood.
26 143 to 144 Victoria swears she saw Laura wearing a locket salvaged from Laura's Phoenix apartment.
27 145 to 146 Sam is convinced Laura is responsible for a fire at the Evans cottage.
28 147 Victoria realizes several mysterious events have centered around fire since Laura's return.
29 148 to 150 Josette's ghost completes the portrait of Laura so it also shows David's face in the picture.
30 151 to 154 The woman who died in Phoenix is positively identified as Laura.
31 155 to 156 Laura looks into the fire causing Elizabeth Collins Stoddard to fall down the stairs.
32 156 to 157 A shadowy figure causes Elizabeth to talk incoherently about a bird and fire.
33 158 Laura puts Elizabeth in a deep trance.
34 159 Victoria suspects Laura is responsbile for Elizabeth's illness.
35 160 Dr. Peter Guthrie has Elizabeth moved to a hospital.
36 161 Dr. Guthrie decides he should get to know David.
37 162 to 163 David tries to communicate with Josette.
38 164 to 165 Josette's ghost appears to Laura.
39 166 Burke finds out that Dr. Guthrie has been investigating Laura.
40 167 Laura wants to take David away with her.
41 168 to 171 A seance is held to contact Josette.
42 171 to 173 Laura mysteriously appears to Victoria warning her to leave Collinwood.
43 174 to 176 Dr. Guthrie vows to expose Laura for what she is.
44 177 to 181 Dr. Guthrie exhumes the coffin of Laura Murdoch Stockbridge and finds it empty.
45 181 An old newspaper reports Laura Murdoch Stockbridge died by fire with a boy named David.
46 182 Dr. Guthrie attempts to convince Roger not to let David go away with his mother.
47 183 to 187 Laura causes kills Dr. Guthrie by causing his car to crash and burst into flames.
48 187 to 191 Laura causes a fire and beckons David to join her in the flames.
49 191 to 193 Victoria saves David as Laura burns to death.
50 194 Elizabeth is concerned whether Dr. Guthrie has been in the basement during her absence.
51 194 to 196 Jason McGuire shows up at Collinwood, then invites himself to stay.
52 197 to 201 Burke learns the truth about the manslaughter charge that sent him to prison ten years ago.
53 202 to 203 Jason 'convinces' Elizabeth to let Willie Loomis stay at Collinwood.
54 204 Willie harasses Carolyn and she pulls a gun on him.
55 205 Willie starts to admire the jewels in the portrait of Barnabas Collins.
56 206 to 207 Willie causes trouble at the Blue Whale and gets into a fight with Burke.
57 208 to 210 Willie discovers a secret room in the Collins Mausoleum containing a chained coffin.
58 211 to 212 Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and introduces himself as a cousin from England.
59 213 Carolyn suspects that Jason is holding something over Elizabeth.
60 214 Everyone comments on Barnabas' resemblance to the 'original' Barnabas Collins.
61 215 to 216 Willie, visibly shaken, shows up at the Blue Whale.
62 217 to 218 Barnabas asks Elizabeth if he can move into the Old House.
63 219 to 220 Dr. Dave Woodard finds that Willie is suffering from a massive loss of blood.
64 221 Barnabas visits the Collinsport Inn and encounters Maggie Evans.
65 222 Barnabas commissions Sam to paint his portrait, insistent that he work only at night.
66 222 to 227 Maggie becomes disturbed by the recent attacks of women in town.
67 227 Maggie passes out, but as night falls starts to feel better.
68 228 Carolyn becomes determined to enter the locked room in the basement of Collinwood.
69 229 to 231 Bite marks are found on Maggie's neck.
70 232 to 234 Barnabas tells Victoria and Carolyn the story of Josette.
71 234 to 235 Dr. Woodard moves Maggie to the hospital as her condition worsens.
72 235 to 237 Barnabas abducts Maggie and plans to turn her into Josette.
73 238 to 239 Barnabas dines with a brainwashed Maggie.
74 240 to 241 David sneaks into Old House and sees Maggie, but thinks she is the ghost of Josette.
75 242 Dr. Woodard is puzzled by what he finds in samples of Maggie's blood.
76 243 to 244 Jason tries to blackmail Elizabeth into marrying him, reluctantly she agrees.
77 245 Dr. Woodard takes a sample of Willie's blood, but Barnabas switches the slides.
78 246 to 248 Maggie sneaks away from the Old House, but Barnabas recaptures her.
79 248 to 250 Carolyn, Roger, and Victoria plan to break into the locked room in the basement.
80 250 to 251 Maggie attempts to stake Barnabas.
81 252 Carolyn dates Buzz Hackett, a known troublemaker, to get back at her mother.
82 252 to 253 Barnabas warns Maggie that she must become Josette if she wants to survive.
83 254 Elizabeth announces the date of her marriage to Jason.
84 255 Barnabas locks up Maggie, she later hears the sound of a little girl singing.
85 256 David meets the little girl, Sarah Collins, and plays with her for a while.
86 257 to 258 Maggie starts to act childlike causing Barnabas think she is losing her mind.
87 259 Carolyn is arrested after driving drunk and nearly killing someone.
88 260 to 261 Sarah helps Maggie to escape.
89 261 to 262 Maggie is sent to Windcliff Sanitarium with Dr. Julia Hoffman.
90 263 to 264 Jason starts to ask questions about where Barnabas goes in the daytime.
91 265 Sam and Joe Haskell visit Maggie at Windcliff, who is still in a disturbed state.
92 266 to 267 Elizabeth contemplates suicide.
93 268 to 269 Elizabeth prepares to jump from Widows' Hill, but Victoria talks her out of it.
94 270 to 274 Elizabeth announces that she killed Paul Stoddard and that Jason was her accomplice.
95 274 to 276 Jason breaks into the Old House looking for jewels.
96 277 Barnabas plans a costume party to show the restoration of the Old House.
97 278 Victoria helps Barnabas plan the costume party.
98 279 Victoria and Carolyn prepare for the costume party.
99 280 to 281 At the costume party, a seance is held causes Victoria to relive Josette's death.
100 282 Elizabeth is concerned that Victoria is becoming obsessed with Josette.
101 283 Julia takes Maggie to Eagle Hill cemetery to help her bring back her memory.
102 284 Dr. Woodard arranges it so Julia will meet the Collins family posing as a historian.
103 285 to 287 Victoria spends the night in Josette's room at the Old House.
104 287 Barnabas is reluctant to take part in Julia's 'research'.
105 288 to 289 Julia sneaks into the Old House during the day and finds Barnabas in his coffin.
106 289 to 290 Julia implies to Barnabas she knows something significant about the 'original' Barnabas.
107 290 to 296 Julia confronts Barnabas believing she can cure his 'condition'.
108 296 to 297 Barnabas attempts to kill Maggie fearing the return of his memory.
109 298 Maggie's memory starts to come back; however, Julia hypnotizes her to forget.
110 299 Julia warns Barnabas to stay away from Victoria.
111 299 to 301 Burke asks Victoria to marry him.
112 302 Barnabas becomes determined to win Victoria's love
113 303 Burke investigates Maggie's abduction.
114 304 Burke questions Willie about Barnabas' daytime activities.

1968, Part 1[]

In 461, the present year is given as 1968 for the time. A date of April 3rd is given in 463, suggesting that 1968 began before Victoria Winters was transported back in time to 1795, as time in the present is stated to be in suspension during that time. 287 is the last time the present year given as 1967. If we assume that the date given in 189 of October 26, 1967 is correct and that every onscreen day since that episode has occurred consecutively, which is often the implication, then 305 is the earliest point a date of January 1, 1968 could occur, and is used for the purposes of this timeline.

Day Episodes Description
115 305 to 307 Sarah Collins' ghost shows David Collins a secret room in the Collins mausoleum.
116 308 to 309 Sam Evans believes Dr. Julia Hoffman is no longer doing anything to help his daughter Maggie.
117 310 to 311 David becomes trapped in the secret room of the mausoleum.
118 311 to 316 Sarah shows David how to leave the secret room.
119 317 to 318 Barnabas Collins is convinced David knows too much.
120 319 to 322 Dr. Dave Woodard makes it known that Maggie's memory is returning to lure out the kidnapper.
121 322 to 326 Willie Loomis is in a coma after being shot trying to warn Maggie about Barnabas.
122 326 to 329 Barnabas plants Maggie's ring in Willie's room for Sheriff George Patterson to find.
123 329 to 331 Sheriff Patterson tries to question Willie, but he appears to be insane.
124 332 to 334 David finds an empty coffin in the Old House cellar.
125 335 to 341 Dr. Woodard learns the truth about Barnabas.
126 342 The coroner declares Dr. Woodards death was due to heart attack.
127 343 Julia wants to stop the experiments to cure Barnabas; however, he convinces her to continue.
128 344 to 345 News reaches Collinwood that Burke Devlin's plane has crashed in the Amazon jungle.
129 346 Barnabas wants the treatments accelerated so he can win Victoria’s love.
130 347 Barnabas is overly optimistic about the success of the treatments.
131 347 Barnabas' hand changes to that of a very old man.
132 348 Carolyn suspects that what David has been saying about Barnabas might be true.
133 348 to 349 Julia inadvertently causes Barnabas to age even more.
134 350 to 351 Determined to discover the truth, Carolyn goes to the Old House cellar where she finds a coffin.
135 351 to 354 Barnabas bites Carolyn, and enlists her to help him discredit David and win Victoria.
136 354 Carolyn reports back to Barnabas that Julia is hypnotizing Victoria against him.
137 355 to 358 Barnabas plans to kill Julia, but first needs Carolyn to steal Julia's medical notes on him.
138 358 Barnabas conjures up the ghost of Dr. Woodard to torment Julia.
139 359 Julia becomes disturbed as she continues to feel Dr. Woodard's presence.
140 360 to 365 A seance is held which causes Victoria to disappear and a strange woman to appear.


In 366, the present date is given as November 20th, 1795. Also, it is stated that Barnabas Collins and Josette DuPres' wedding is planned exactly one month from today, i.e December 20th, 1795. In 380, Natalie DuPres wants to bring the date of the wedding forward, suggesting the year is still 1795.

Day Episodes Description
141 365 to 367 Victoria Winters finds herself transported back to the year 1795.
142 368/369 Barnabas Collins eagerly awaits the arrival of his fiancee Josette DuPres.
143 370 to 371 Angelique Bouchard's uses witchcraft to make Barnabas suffer.
144 372 to 373 Angelique turns Ben Stokes into her slave to help her do her dirty work.
145 374 Under Angelique's power, Josette tells Jeremiah Collins that she loves him.
146 375 Angelique causes Jeremiah to fall in love with Josette.
147 376 Natalie DuPres suspects that an evil force is present at Collinwood and suspects Victoria.
148 377 Nathan Forbes pursues Millicent Collins' affections after finding out she is wealthy.
149 378 to 379 Angelique turns Joshua Collins into a cat in order to keep Jeremiah at Collinwood.
150 379 to 381 Angelique is forced to cast a new spell on Josette because of plans to expedite the wedding.
151 382 to 383 The cat turns back into Joshua in Victoria's room while Abigail Collins is present.
152 383 Learning of Josette and Jeremiah's marriage, Barnabas challenges Jeremiah to duel.
153 384 Angelique gives Barnabas a good-luck charm to protect him in the duel with Jeremiah.
154 385 to 386 Reverend Trask arrives and interrogates Victoria.
155 386 to 390/391 Reverend Trask becomes convinced Victoria is a witch.
156 390/391 Jeremiah's ghost appears to Josette at the same moment he dies.
157 392 Joshua makes plans to move to the new house despite it not being completed.
158 392 to 397 Barnabas and Angelique marry.
159 398 to 400 Angelique casts a spell which causes Reverend Trask to capture Victoria.
160 401 to 402 Barnabas attempts to kill Angelique after learning she responsible for the recent troubles.
161 402 to 406 Angelique puts a curse on Barnabas that anyone who loves him will die, a bat bites him.


In 419, March 2nd is stated to be one month away. This is the first indication that the year has changed to 1796, an arbitrary point sometime before this episode is chosen for the purposes of this time-line. In 512, the date of Nathan Forbes' death is given as taking place on March 31st, 1796, originally seen to occur in 460.

Day Episodes Description
162 406 to 409 Barnabas Collins dies.
163 410 Angelique Bouchard Collins attempts to stake Barnabas before he rises as vampire.
164 411 to 412 Barnabas finds that he requires blood to survive.
165 413 to 415 Victoria Winters warns Naomi Collins that Sarah Collins will die from exposure.
166 415 Sarah becomes ill after being out all night in a storm.
167 415 to 417 Barnabas visits Sarah and she dies in his arms.
168 417 to 420 Angelique causes Josette DuPres Collins to discover Barnabas.
169 420 to 424 Bite marks are found on Josette's neck, and it is feared that she will soon die.
170 425 Angelique tricks Josette into going to Widows' Hill, causing her to jump to her death.
171 426 to 429 Victoria's witch trial begins.
172 429 to 430 Barnabas raises Josette from the grave and discovers that she is horribly disfigured.
173 431 to 432 Barnabas confronts Abigail Collins with the truth, causing her to die of fright.
174 433 to 435 Nathan Forbes agrees to testify in Victoria's defense, but betrays her on the witness stand.
175 435 to 436 Angelique shows up at the witch trial further incriminating Victoria.
176 437 Victoria is convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to hang.
177 438 Barnabas torments Reverend Trask for what he has done to Victoria.
178 439 Nathan becomes suspicious about Barnabas' 'death'.
179 440 to 442 Nathan discovers Barnabas at the Old House.
180 442 to 444 Barnabas walls up Reverend Trask.
181 445 to 447 Nathan leads Joshua Collins to the Old House who finds Barnabas in the cellar.
182 448 Nathan marries Millicent Collins, and plans to drive her insane.
183 449 to 451 Joshua enlists Natalie DuPres to help find a way to lift Barnabas' curse.
184 452 to 453 Peter Bradford breaks Victoria out of jail; she is shot and wounded during the escape.
185 454 to 456 Nathan reveals to Naomi that Barnabas is a vampire.
186 456 to 460 Barnabas kills Nathan, after Naomi commits suicide.
187 460 to 461 Joshua has Barnabas chained up in his coffin, and Victoria hung for witchcraft.

1968, Part 2[]

According to the narration for 461 months have passed in 1795 whilst seconds have passed in 1968, meaning that for those in the present no time has passed since Day 140 in 365.

Day Episodes Description
188 461 to 462 Victoria Winters is transported back to the present day.
189 463 Victoria purchases a portrait of Angelique Bouchard Collins.
190 463 to 464 Julia Hoffman discovers Barnabas Collins has bitten Victoria and threatens to expose him.
191 465 Barnabas and Victoria are involved in a car crash with a man who looks like Peter Bradford.
192 466 to 467 Dr. Eric Lang reveals that his treatments have temporarily cured Barnabas.
193 468 to 469 Dr. Lang has some kind of hold over the man who looks like Peter, known as Jeff Clark.
194 470 to 472 As Barnabas starts to regress, Dr. Lang believes he has a way to permanently cure him.
195 472 to 474 Roger marries a woman named Cassandra Blair, who resembles Angelique.
196 474 to 476 Dr. Lang outlines his plans tranfer Barnabas' life-force into another body to escape the curse.
197 477 Angelique outlines her plans to turn Barnabas back into a vampire through a dream curse.
198 478 to 482 Cassandra starts the dream curse, she chooses Maggie Evans to be the first to experience it.
199 482 Maggie tells Jeff the dream she had, later Jeff has the dream.
200 483 to 484 Barnabas has Julia release Willie Loomis from Windcliff Sanitarium.
201 485 to 486 The experiment to cure Barnabas begins, however Cassandra causes Dr. Lang to die.
202 487 to 488 Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes investigates the dream curse.
203 489 to 491 Julia and Barnabas conduct the experiment shortly after Adam comes to life.
204 491 to 492 Barnabas finds that he is no longer a vampire.
205 493 Adam is moved to the Old House cellar.
206 494 Willie secretly gives Maggie a pair of earrings belonging to Josette Collins.
207 495 to 496 Adam breaks out of his cell and ends up getting shot by Roger Collins.
208 497 Maggie puts on Josette's earrings and feels compelled to go to the Old House.
209 498 Barnabas has Sam Evans age Angelique's portrait causing Cassandra to age also.
210 499 to 506 Adam kidnaps Carolyn Stoddard.
211 506 to 510 Professor Stokes manages to stop the dream curse.
212 510 to 515 The ghost of Reverend Trask walls up Barnabas.
213 515 to 519 Adam accidently kills Sam.
214 520 to 522 Nicholas Blair shows up at Collinwood claiming to be Cassandra's brother.
215 522 to 524 Nicholas investigates Cassandra's disappearance.
216 524 to 528 Professor Stokes hypnotizes Jeff in order to find more about his past.
217 528 to 531 Cassandra resumes the dream curse.
218 532/533 Nicholas meets Maggie and becomes attracted to her.
219 534 to 537 The dream curse reaches its terrifying climax.
220 537 to 542 Carolyn hides Adam in the closed off part of Collinwood.
221 542 to 543 Nicholas learns of Adam's existence.
222 544 to 545 Nicholas meets Adam and tells him that he will help teach him.
223 545 to 553 Nicholas punishes Cassandra.
224 553 to 556 Nicholas reveals his plan to create a race of man-made humans who will serve his 'master'.
225 557 to 559 Adam holds Victoria prisoner.
226 560 to 561 Angelique, now a vampire, bites Joe Haskell.
227 561 to 563 Joe discovers Willie digging up a grave.
228 563 Maggie and Joe's relationship starts to suffer due to his behavior under Angelique's power.
229 563 to 565 Angelique attacks Tom Jennings causing him to rise as a vampire.
230 566 to 568 Julia's strange behavior starts to make Barnabas suspicious.
231 568 to 569 Barnabas attempts to destroy Tom with silver bullets.
232 569 to 571 Barnabas confronts Tom at his coffin as morning approaches.
233 572 to 573 Julia and Barnabas search Nicholas' house while he is out.
234 573 to 575 Joe's behavior continues to become more erratic.
235 575 to 581 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard dreams that she buried her alive.
236 581 Carolyn gives Adam a present.
237 581 to 584 Maggie starts to remember things from when Barnabas was trying to turn her into Josette.
238 584 to 591 Carolyn is used in an experiment to create Adam a mate.
239 592 to 600 The experiment to create Adam a mate results in the creation of Eve.
240 601 to 604 Elizabeth is tormented by her own voice claiming she will die tonight.
241 604 to 605 Julia dreams that Barnabas will be killed.
242 606 to 607 Angelique bites Barnabas.
243 608 to 611 Eve leaves, later she meets Jeff Clark and recognizes him as Peter Bradford.
244 612 to 617 Julia discovers the bite marks on Barnabas' neck.
245 617 to 619 Angelique hides Barnabas in a remote shack and plans to turn him back into a vampire.

1969, Part 1[]

In 671, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard's birthday is stated to be that day. In 267, Elizabeth's birthday was given as February 28th, meaning 671 takes place on February 28th, 1969. In 673, it is stated that Chris Jennings arrived in Collinsport two months ago. Chris' first on-screen appearance is in 627, suggesting 1969 began at some point shortly before that episode, an arbitrary point shortly before this episode is chosen for the purposes of this time-line.

Day Episodes Description
246 620 to 623 Nicholas Blair plans to destroy Angelique Bouchard Collins.
247 623 to 629 Eve travels back in time to 1796 on the night Peter Bradford is to be hanged.
248 629 to 631 Nicholas proposes marriage to Maggie Evans and leave Collinsport with him.
249 632 to 633/634 Nicholas is destroyed by Diabolos.
250 635 to 639 Jeff Clark realizes he is Peter Bradford and disappears into the past.
251 639 to 640 Chris Jennings cuts short a date with Carolyn Stoddard and transforms into a werewolf.
252 640 to 643 During a seance, the spirit of Magda Rakosi speaks through Carolyn with a warning.
253 643 to 645 David Collins and Amy Jennings discover a sealed off room in the west wing of Collinwood.
254 645 to 646 David and Amy meet the ghosts of Quentin Collins and Beth Chavez.
255 646 to 649 Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes enlists a medium to investigate Collinwood.
256 650 to 654 Peter returns from the past and takes Victoria Winters back with him.
257 654 to 655 Joe Haskell learns the truth about Chris and kidnaps Amy to protect her from him.
258 656 to 658 Joe is in jail and suffering from delusions of werewolves and vampires.
259 659 to 664 Barnabas Collins travels back in time to 1796 after learning Victoria is in danger.
260 664 to 665 Angelique plans to keep Victoria in a state of suspended animation, and never release her.
261 665 to 666 Natalie DuPres and Nathan Forbes plan to drive a stake through Barnabas' heart.
262 666 to 668 Barnabas returns to the present.
263 669 David and Amy lock Mrs. Johnson in the cottage and Quentin appears to her.
264 670 to 672 David and Amy play "the game" with Carolyn.
265 673 to 674 Barnabas begins to suspect that Chris is the werewolf.
266 675 to 676 Barnabas and Julia Hoffman confront Chris with an offer of help.
267 677 to 678 David visits and distracts Chris while Quentin poisons his drink.
268 678 to 682 David hurts Amy to stop her from telling Elizabeth Collins Stoddard about Quentin.
269 682 Maggie dreams that Quentin chokes her to death.
270 683 to 684 Beth leads Barnabas and Chris to the site of a child's coffin containing a silver pentagram.
271 684 to 686 Barnabas visits a silversmith to find out more about the pentagram.
272 687 to 691 A man named Ned Stuart shows up at Collinwood looking for Chris.
273 692 to 693 Chris and Julia visit Sabrina Stuart who has been in a state of shock since she last saw him.
274 693 to 696 Quentin chases everyone out of Collinwood and into the Old House.
275 696 to 698 Quentin leaves a note saying "David is mine."


Day Episodes Description
276 698 to 703 Barnabas Collins uses the I-Ching to travel to 1897.
277 703 to 705 Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and introduces himself as a cousin from England.
278 705 to 707 Edith Collins, the Mistress of Collinwood in 1897, dies.
279 708 to 709 Quentin Collins schemes to ensure he gets something in Edith's will.
280 709 to 711 Quentin is tormented by Edith's ghost.
281 711 to 715 Judith Collins finds Edith's will and learns that she will be in control of Collinwood.
282 715 to 717 Jenny Collins escapes from the confines of the Tower Room.
283 717 to 718 Angelique Bouchard Collins appears to Barnabas, wanting him to be her loyal husband.
284 719 to 721 Jenny stabs Quentin to death.
285 722 to 728 Angelique causes Quentin to rise from the dead as a zombie.
286 728 to 729 Nora Collins begins to experience signs that her mother is returning.
287 729 to 732 Laura Collins returns to Collinsport.
288 733 to 738 Laura causes Worthington Hall to burn down.
289 738 to 740 Barnabas meets Laura and realizes that she has been dead for over 100 years.
290 740 to 744 Barnabas and Sandor Rakosi discover Laura Stockbridge Collins died by fire.
291 744 to 748 Quentin strangles Jenny to death.
292 749 to 751 Magda Rakosi places a werewolf curse on Quentin to avenge the death of Jenny.
293 751 to 754 Quentin wakes up with bloody and torn clothing, unable to remember what happened.
294 755 to 756 Laura discovers that Barnabas is vampire.
295 756 to 761 Laura causes a fire and beckons Nora and Jamison Collins to join her in the flames.
296 761 to 762 Evan Hanley and Quentin perform a ceremony to summon the Devil.
297 762 to 765 Barnabas discovers that Quentin is the werewolf.
298 765 to 768 Jamison has a disturbing dream about David Collins.
299 768 to 770 Dirk Wilkins, in a semi-crazed state, attacks Beth Chavez and shoots Barnabas.
300 770 to 775 Carl Collins brings Pansy Faye, a mentalist who he fell in love with, to Collinwood.
301 775 to 776 Judith, under Dirk's possession, shoots Rachel Drummond.
302 777 to 778 Magda returns to Collinsport with the hand of Count Petofi.
303 778 to 780 Carl discovers that Barnabas is the vampire.
304 780 to 781 Gregory Trask challenges Barnabas to stay with him until the sun rises.
305 781 to 783 Gregory plans to use Charity Trask as bait to catch Barnabas.
306 783 to 784 The hand of Count Petofi causes Evan to become horribly disfigured.
307 785 to 787 Magda uses the hand of Count Petofi in an attempt to lift the werewolf curse from Quentin.
308 787 to 790 Evan and Gregory conjure up a vision of Minerva Trask to torment Judith.
309 790 to 795 Angelique agrees to cure Quentin if he will marry her.
310 795 to 801/802 Magda and Quentin realize that Victor Fenn Gibbon is Count Andreas Petofi.
311 803 to 805 Count Petofi commissions Charles Delaware Tate to paint a portrait of Quentin.
312 805 to 807 Count Petofi only has 100 years to his hand back, and that time is drawing near.
313 807 to 815 Count Petofi learns that Barnabas comes from 1969.
314 815 to 818 Count Petofi causes Jamison to become possessed by David Collins.
315 818 to 819 Count Petofi causes Charity to permanently believe she is Pansy Faye.
316 820 to 821 King Johnny Romano demands Magda give him the hand of Count Petofi back.
317 822 to 823/824 Tate realizes Amanda Harris is the woman that he has been painting.
318 823/824 to 830 Pansy has a vision in which she finds Quentin dead.
319 830 to 837 The portrait of Quentin prevents him for changing into the werewolf by making him immortal.
320 837 to 838 Knowing that he is supposed to die this night, Quentin locks himself in his room.
321 838 to 842 Count Petofi forces Julia Hoffman to reveal that the I-Ching wands are the key to time travel.
322 842 to 845 Kitty Soames arrives looking for Edward Collins, claiming to the wife of a friend.
323 845 to 849 Pansy stakes Barnabas.
324 850 to 855 Kitty has moments where she believes herself to be Josette Collins.
325 855 to 858 Count Petofi and Quentin's minds switch bodies.
326 858 to 860 Julia starts to feel strange and is drawn back to 1969.
327 860 to 864 Judith returns to Collinwood after having been in a sanitarium.
328 864 to 865 Charity realizes that Count Petofi is posing as Quentin.
329 866 to 867 Kitty claims to have seen Barnabas whilst at the Old House.
330 867 to 870 Barnabas returns and is unaffected by the sunlight.
331 870 to 872 Angelique and Barnabas explain how they created a double and let it be destroyed.
332 872 to 873 Count Petofi enters the I-Ching trance and arrives in 1969.
333 873 to 882 Quentin uses the hand to switch minds back with Count Petofi.
334 882 to 886 Barnabas follows Kitty into Josette's portrait which transports him to 1796.

1969, Part 2[]

Day Episodes Description
335 886 to 888 Barnabas Collins is abducted by two strange beings.
336 888 to 890 Barnabas returns to 1969 under the thrall of a sinister cult known as 'The Leviathans'.
337 890 to 892 Barnabas gives Philip and Megan Todd a box, containing the Leviathan essence.
338 892 to 893 Paul Stoddard returns to Collinsport after twenty years.
339 893 to 894/895 Philip and Megan care for a mysterious new infant.
340 894/895 to 901 Paul becomes upset when he finds that he has the mark of the Leviathans on his wrist.
341 901 to 903 Carolyn Stoddard hears the sound of breathing coming from the baby's room.
342 904 to 905 Barnabas hits a strange man with his car who looks like Quentin Collins.
343 905 to 907 Carolyn finds that the Todds are now caring for a boy named Alexander.
344 908 to 911 Olivia Corey is upset to find that Quentin does not recognize her.
345 911 to 913/914 David Collins and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard meet Michael, the Leviathan child now older.
346 913/914 to 917 Paul becomes extremely paranoid and wants to leave Collinwood.

1970, Part 1[]

Day Episodes Description
347 918 to 923 Olivia Corey admits she is Amanda Harris and is determined to win Quentin Collins' love.
348 923 to 925 Julia Hoffman finds Quentin's portrait in the possession of Angelique's husband.
349 925 to 928 Michael torments Maggie Evans.
350 928 to 936 Quentin and Amanda attempt to escape from Mr. Best's domain.
351 936 to 939 Jeb Hawkes, the Leviathan child now fully grown, plans to marry Carolyn Stoddard.
352 939 to 941 Barnabas Collins has Angelique Rumson help hide Carolyn from Jeb.
353 942 to 943 Jeb plans to destroy Barnabas for disobedience to the Leviathan cause.
354 943 to 946 Jeb receieves a mysterious phone call telling him where Carolyn is.
355 946 to 949 Jeb acquires a large bat, which he will use to return the curse of the vampire to Barnabas.
356 949 to 952 Barnabas, now a vampire again, kills a Leviathan devotee who has arrived in search of Jeb.
357 952 to 955 Nicholas Blair returns to Collinsport and Angelique learns her husband is a Leviathan devotee.
358 955 to 957 Angelique, jealous, makes Maggie and Quentin fall in love.
359 957 to 960 A mysterious force terrorizes Jeb and his followers.
360 960 to 962 Barnabas bites Megan.
361 962 to 967 Jeb raises four dead men to help him with his scheme.
362 967 to 970 Barnabas discovers a doorway to Parallel Time in the east wing of Collinwood.
363 970 to 973 Jeb becomes increasingly paranoid about a dark shadow that has been following him.
364 973 to 975 Jeb begs Angelique to stop the dark shadow from following him.
365 975 to 977 Bruno traps Carolyn with Chris Jennings who is about to transform into the werewolf.

1970 Parallel Time[]

Day Episodes Description
366 977 to 982 Barnabas Collins enters Parallel Time where Quentin Collins' wife, Angelique is dead.
367 982 Barnabas meets Will Loomis, Carolyn's husband and a struggling writer.
368 982 to 984 Will chains Barnabas in his coffin with plans to write a new book.
369 984 to 986 Alexis Stokes, Angelique's twin sister, comes to Collinwood.
370 986 to 987 Bruno Hess believes that Alexis is really Angelique.
371 987 to 988 Cyrus Longworth's attempts to separate the good and evil in man.
372 989 to 990 Cyrus learns a strange man was terrorizing the neighborhood and entered his house.
373 990 to 992 Alexis believes that Angelique was murdered.
374 992 to 994 Hannah Stokes, Alexis' aunt, is sure that Angelique is still at Collinwood.
375 994 to 997 The ghost of Dameon Edwards, an ex-lover of Angelique, haunts Collinwood.
376 997 to 1001 Angelique's body is exhumed and found to perfectly preserved despite being dead six months.
377 1001 to 1008 Angelique awakens and switches places with Alexis.
378 1008 to 1009 A seance is held to contact the spirit of Barnabas.
379 1009 to 1014 Barnabas bites Will then forces him to destroy the book he was writing about him.
380 1014 to 1016 Angelique admits who she really is to Hoffman, who agrees to help her.
381 1016 to 1021 Quentin finds a voodoo doll in Maggie Collins' suitcase.
382 1021 Angelique, continuing to pose as Alexis, plants more seeds of suspicion in Maggie's mind.
383 1021 to 1023 Cyrus becomes John Yaeger and terrorizes Maggie.
384 1023 to 1025 The annual Costume Party is held at Collinwood with disastrous results for Maggie.
385 1025 to 1028 Angelique's ghostly voice encourages Maggie to commit suicide.
386 1028 to 1030 Yaeger kidnaps Maggie.
387 1030 to 1035 Barnabas rescues Maggie from Yeager.
388 1035 to 1041 Julia Hoffman arrives in Parallel Time and kills her counterpart to save Barnabas.
389 1042 to 1045 Maggie suspects Quentin murdered Angelique.
390 1045 to 1048 Julia is able to awaken Roxanne Drew, the life-force keeping Angelique alive.
391 1048 to 1051 Carolyn is murdered after she claims knows who murdered Angelique.
392 1051 to 1059 Angelique locks Julia in a secret room planning to let her die there.

1995 / 1970, Part 2[]

Day Episodes Description
393 1059 to 1066 Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman are transported to a destroyed Collinwood in the future.
394 1066 to 1069 Julia falls under the control of the malevolent ghost of Gerard Stiles.
395 1069 to 1073 Returning to 1970, Barnabas and Julia find a girl named Hallie Stokes living at Collinwood.
396 1073 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard visits an astrologer, to learn about the impending disaster.
397 1073 to 1076 Carolyn Stoddard is upset about the death of her husband Jeb Hawkes.
398 1076 to 1077 Quentin Collins becomes obsessed by the ghost Daphne Harridge, who lived in 1840.
399 1077 to 1080 Quentin performs an exorcism but he is interrupted by Daphne's spirit.
400 1080 to 1083 David Collins and Hallie become possessed by the spirits of Carrie Stokes and Tad Collins.
401 1083 to 1087 Julia finds plans by a Quentin Collins in 1840 for a stairway into time.
402 1087 Quentin continues to meet with Daphne, angering Gerard's spirit.
403 1087 to 1089 Gerard takes Elizabeth under his power.
404 1089 to 1090 Under Gerard's instruction, David performs a ritual to summon the dead.
405 1090 to 1093 Julia finds bite marks on Maggie Evans' neck, Barnabas pleads innocence.
406 1093 to 1094 Gerard takes Carolyn under his power.
407 1094 to 1100 David and Hallie perform a ceremony to bring Daphne and Gerard back to life.
408 1100 to 1102 Maggie continues to be summoned by a vampire.
409 1102 to 1104 David and Hallie become sick.


Day Episodes Description
410 1104 to 1111 As Collinwood is destroyed, the stairway into time transports Julia Hoffman to 1840.
411 1111 to 1112 Julia opens Barnabas Collins' coffin, he does not recognize her and tries to kill her.
412 1112 to 1115 In 1970, Barnabas decides he must go back in time.
413 1115 to 1116 Gerard Stiles romances Samantha Collins.
414 1116 to 1119 Desmond Collins returns with the disembodied head of warlock Judah Zachery.
415 1119 to 1122 Samantha and Gerard are shocked when Quentin Collins shows up alive.
416 1122 to 1123 Desmond acts erratically around the Judah's head.
417 1124 to 1127 Desmond discovers Judah's body in a secret underground vault.
418 1127 to 1129 Samantha makes plans to secretly leave with her son Tad.
419 1129 to 1132 Angelique Bouchard Collins returns and introduces herself as Barnabas' wife.
420 1132 to 1139 Julia attempts to reunite Judah's head and body.
421 1139 to 1143 Judah takes possession of Gerard.
422 1143 to 1144 Angelique plans to let Julia die and become a vampire.
423 1145 to 1146 Samantha tries to convince Daniel Collins that Quentin is practicing witchcraft.
424 1146 to 1148 Daphne Harridge plans to make Quentin fall in love with her in order to kill him.
425 1148 to 1156 Gerard contrives to make Quentin look guilty of witchcraft.
426 1156 to 1159 Daniel suspects that Quentin is guilty of the witchcraft.
427 1159 to 1162 Daniel dies leaving Gerard in control of the Collins fortune.
428 1162 to 1165 Quentin is charged for practicing witchcraft.
429 1165 to 1167 Quentin's witchcraft trial begins.
430 1167 to 1168 Lamar Trask and Gerard suspect that Barnabas is a vampire.
431 1168 to 1170 Angelique lifts the vampire curse from Barnabas.
432 1170 to 1172 Lamar walls up Barnabas to avenge his father's death.
433 1172 to 1174/1175 Angelique reveals she was once a follower of Judah.
434 1174/1175 to 1178 Desmond, Quentin's lawyer, is also charged with witchcraft.
435 1178 to 1179/1180 Barnabas' reappearance disturbs Lamar.
436 1179/1180 to 1183 Joanna Mills makes a surprise appearance at Quentin's trial.
437 1183 to 1187 Daphne sees Parallel Time in the east wing of Collinwood.
438 1187 to 1190 Gabriel Collins locks up Daphne in a remote part of Collinwood.
439 1190 to 1194 Gerard and Samantha dig up Joanna's grave and find it empty.
440 1194 to 1198 Barnabas declares his love for Angelique.

1840/1 Parallel Time[]

Day Episodes Description
441 1198 to 1200 In Parallel Time, the Collins family is under a curse that requires them to hold a lottery.
442 1200 to 1204 Justin Collins dies, meaning the lottery must soon take place.
443 1204 to 1206 Justin's funeral is held.
444 1206 to 1211 Morgan Collins marries Catherine Harridge.
445 1211 to 1214 The lottery is held, Gabriel Collins is chosen to enter the locked room.
446 1214 to 1217 Gabriel fails to spend a full night in the locked room, meaning the lottery must be held again.
447 1217 to 1222 The lottery is held, Catherine is chosen to enter the locked room, but Morgan takes her place.
448 1222 to 1227 The spirit of James Forsythe who lived in 1680, when the curse began, possesses Morgan.
449 1227 to 1228 Melanie Collins reveals to Kendrick Young that she killed his sister Stella.
450 1228 to 1232 The truth of what happened in 1680 is revealed.
451 1233 to 1235 Carrie Stokes uses her psychic powers to learn who Melanie's biological parents are.
452 1235 to 1239 Morgan and Julia Collins investigate the locked room to learn more about the curse.
453 1239 to 1242 The lottery is held, Kendrick is chosen to enter the locked room.
454 1242 to 1244 Morgan knocks out Bramwell Collins and locks him in the room.
455 1244 to 1245 The family curse is ended; Bramwell becomes the new master of Collinwood.