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Add ImageJohn Kuhner as Tim Braithwaite
This article is about the Parallel Time version of Tim Braithwaite. For his real-time equivalent, see Tim Braithwaite.

Tim Braithwaite (d.1841) was a drinking companion of Gabriel Collins in 1841 Parallel Time. He was paid $1,000 by Gabriel to spend a night in the Locked room at Collinwood in his place, because Gabriel was too afraid to do it himself.

Gabriel spent roughly 30 minutes in the locked room before Tim arrived. When Morgan Collins unlocked the room the following morning, he discovered that Gabriel was missing and Tim was dead. Morgan disposed of Tim's body, and found the check from Gabriel in the process.

It is assumed that Braithwaite's family relationships correspond to those of his main time-stream counterpart.

Appearances Edit

1214, 1215

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