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This article is about the real-time version of Tim Braithwaite. For his parallel time equivalent, see Tim Braithwaite (PT).

Tim Braithwaite (1807-1840) was an alcoholic sailor who lived in Collinsport in 1840. Tim was played by Dick Sabol for one episode.

In 1840, Tim was hired by Desmond Collins, who was possessed by Judah Zachery at the time, to help him remove the giant cross that was keeping Judah's coffin shut in a secret underground vault outside of Collinsport. While removing the cross, he found Judah's golden mask inside the coffin. When Tim finally got the cross off, he attempted to steal the golden mask, but Judah's headless body rose from the coffin and decapitated him.

According to the original Quentin Collins, Tim did not have a favorable reputation around town, and assumed no one would miss him once people found out he was dead.

It is possible that Tim Braithwaite was an ancestor of silversmith Ezra Braithwaite.