• The two feature there are an appropriate place in the series to stop and watch the two films? Around which episodes?  Or does it not matter? 

    Thank you very much. 

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    • It probably doesn't matter since the movies take place in a different universe than the TV series. While House deals with the Barnabas story, it quickly veers away from the TV story into a completely different story, and Night has no relation to the TV series or characters at all.

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    • After episode 1010 would be a good thematic place to watch House of Dark Shadows as Jonathan Frid returns from filming it in 1011.

      Likewise Night of Dark Shadows would be best watched after 1245 as filming for that took place shortly after the TV series ended.

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    • House was a revamping pardon the obvious pun of the early Barnabas era with a few changes made to allow for more recent actors on the series.  I would watch it near the ernd of the run, if not after you finish.  Night as Jtrue says has no relation to the series,  albeit David Selby plays a 5th Quentin and other actors create new versions of previously named characters.  It takes place after the series ends.

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