• Need mire info on what the conne tion is between Peter Bradford & Jebez Hawks in 1797 ? Bradford's ghost returns for revenge regarding Jeb's part in Vicki's death on Widow's Hill in 1797 ? Did that happen "after" Vicki joined Peter in the past for the last time ? The writers didnt explain about the Laviathans in 1797. This whole scenario isn't explained.

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    • There isn't any connection between Jeb Hawkes/Leviathans and Peter Bradford in 1797.

      In 1968 (episode 650), Vicki Winters disappears with Peter Bradford since he must return to his own time of 1796.

      Barnabas then had to project himself back to 1796 to save Vicki from hanging (episodes 662, 664, and 665).

      What is written in episode 967 is most likely the result of discussions with Alexandra Moltke about returning to Dark Shadows and reprising the role of Victoria Winters.

      But she wanted a different type of role, a more dark and evil character like a vampire or some kind of monster, since her last months as Vicki were less challenging and the character was always a victim and becoming increasingly dull and dim-witted.

      So having the character killed off screen was likely Dan Curtis' cynical response over having been unable to get Moltke back on the show after refusing her request to play another role.

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    • Curtis was always tinkering with the story, connections not established early in the run were just thrown in as the series continued.

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