• Thanks for diggin' my bit! A car went by my window today playing death metal and I thought, "Hey, dude, y'all need some 'Demon Away' throat spray." Of course, I am kidding. Take care and keep it spooky. Glad to hear of another Dark Shadows fan who actually likes spooky, rather than just keeping all the characters plain ol' domestic. (Where's the fun in that?)

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    • Lol..."Demon Away". I like it..a LOT. It is, after all, about those things that go bump in the night.

      I really like the "soapy camp" and the nostalgia of it all as well. The latest fashions of 1966 and 1967 courtesy of the now defunct Ohrbach's is historic not to forget the "jargon and slang" and the popular music at the time at the Blue Whale dive.

      I am currently in the 330's of episode order and getting used to the color episodes.I'm not too thrilled with Anthony George's characterization of Burke Devlin as much as I was with Mitchell Ryan's. He is sorely missed.

      (to be continued)

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    • Groovy. Yes, I've had to adapt to the 1960's style of speaking, which isn't too hard if one grew up on reruns. Well, if one ever gets tired of the colour one can always turn down the colour, depending on the set up. (hee hee hee 'demon-away'.)

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    • Yes. Growing up on reruns. Star Trek, I dream of Jeanie..even the Honeymooners with Carney and Gleason.

      We (meaning me and the wife) heard one from Joe Haskell on one episode (don't remember right off the bat now)..something about "he's going to be stuffed"..I'm guessing he meant the person was going to be "sore" angry. LOL! He's going to be stuffed when he finds out he won't get his promotion. Sounds silly ;)

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    • Yeah! I'm still weirded out by Maggie calling Victoria a "jerk" due to staying in the creepy/spooky Collins abode. I would have thought the word "fool" to be more appropriate. I was totally worried about certain phrases in what I was doing and that they were going to offend people, like the antiquated "Queer Street". Never got a complaint about that. Perhaps I played it safe by starting it out with "She's gone down Dorian Gray road..." Still, glad someone notices these odd phrases. Very fascinating, while also being absurd. ^_^

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