• Am I the only one bothered by the slew of continuity errors that occurred as a result of time travel? Off the top of my head, there's:

    - The death of Edith Collins in 1840 - How will she be there in 1897? If she's not, won't that change a lot of events?

    - Barnabas being cured of the vampire curse in 1840 - How will he be discovered by Willie in 1967 and how will all the events thereafter proceed?

    - Angelique becoming a human and dying in 1840 - Won't she be unable to return as Cassandra and then again as herself in 1969 (during the Leviathan storyline)? Wouldn't these things have played out VERY differently anyways, given her new relationship with Barnabas?

    I know I'm thinking really far into this, but these things have always REALLY bothered me. There are so so many more errors I could think of on top of this.

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    • Here's one. In 1795...

      Countess DuPres says she's known Angelique since she was an unremarkable little girl.

      But Angelique has been an adult since 1692.

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    • These same issues have bothered me, but these quotes from Einstein have given me solace over the years:

      "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

      "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

      "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science."

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    • Just another thing I've thought of that's REALLY bothered me - why does Angelique in 1897 have knowledge of future events, but she doesn't in 1840? There's one explanation I can come up with. Diabolos sent Angelique back to 1795 after ratting out Nicholas Blair about his failure with Adam/Eve, so theoretically, there were two of her there, although the original one was dead from Barnabas's strangling. Then, at some point, the original Angelique came back to life and did her yearly pilgrimage to Barnabas's coffin, while the other remained dead from when Barnabas returns to 1795 to rescue Vicky. In 1840, the original Angelique met Barnabas and thus had no knowledge of future events. However, in 1897, Evan Hanley and Quentin Collins summon someone who could help defeat Barnabas, and they got the Angelique with knowledge of modern time. The original Angelique would end up going to Collinwood, living as Cassandra, and ultimately being sent back to 1795, while the modern Angelique married Sky Rumson at some point after 1897 and lived away from the Collins family until 1969, when Julia found her.

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    • Or....1897 Angelique having that knowledge was a calculated continuity mistake by Art juice up storyline options......hoping that nobody would notice!

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    • You could also make a case for when Barnabas goes back to 1795 to save Vicki after she fades out of the present with Peter Bradford, and he sees Angelique she still has her memories of being in the present in the previous storyline.  She then tells him that she made a deal with her master not to leave that time.  But when Barnabas fades through Josette's portrait in 1897 following Kitty (who has realized she is Josette's reincarnation) back to 1795, Angelique has no memory of being in any other timeline (1897 or the present).  Also, if she "made a deal" not to time shift, how was it that Evan Hanley and Quentin were able to pluck her out of 1795 into 1897.  Add to that, when Angelique appears in the present again in Leviathans, she as memories of all timelines she has been in thus far, in 1840 she has no memory of any of her trips in time

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    • Been wondering about all that myself. I could only conclude that Diabolos wiped her memory in 1840 or that 1840 was another PT. Makes sense of Barnabas suddenly deciding he loves his abuser and murderer of his family. 

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    • Admittedly they did a lot of tinkering as the show went on, and these descrepancies that we all mention are all valid.  I guess it just adds to the mystique of the show.

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    • After the 1840 story line concluded and Barnabas and friends returned to the present day in "normal" time, I assumed that everything that happened since 1840 would be changed and that could have meant a whole bunch of new storylines in both present and in alternate times, had the show been allowed to go on. 

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    • I just watched the entire series on Amazon Prime and have the same questions. I have additional questions myself such as how the children knew of Quentin's ghost when his future was changed by Barnabas in 1897? Also, Barnabas was using his old body in 1897 and returns in it negating Willie Loomis finding him in 1967.

      Why did Elizabeth Stoddard recognize both Barnabas and Julia when they returned in 1971? If Barnabas was removed from his coffin in 1840 and walked up the staircase, then he would again have negated Willie discovering him and thus knowledge of who he is and who Julia Hoffman is would be lost.

      These are fun questions which the story writers didn't think about while putting the novellas together. They did keep changing Barnabas and his wedding of Josette to 1797 even though the events transpired between 1795 and 1796. 

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