When actress Alexandra Moltke Isles was pregnant and left the television show Dark Shadows, her character, Collinwood's governess Victoria Winters , was whisked back into the past with lover Peter Bradford , never to return.  The Secret of Victoria Winters was an outline that W. E. D. "Marilyn" Ross proposed to write, intending to explain the disappearance of Victoria Winters from the book series. 

The late Craig Hamrick explained, "In the book series, Dan wanted to solve one of the TV show's greatest mysteries -- the parentage of heroine Victoria Winters -- and he outlined a story he intended to flesh out into a novel.  However, when actress Alexandra Moltke left Dark Shadows, Victoria was written out of the TV show. At that time, the editors of the book series asked Ross to write her out of the books as well-without solving the mysteries surrounding her heritage."

Hamrick convinced Ross to share the original outline with him 25 years later and, with Ross' permission and input, used that outline as the basis for a novella called "The Secret of Victoria Winters," which was first published in the fanzine "Victoria Winters" in 1993.

The four-chapter novella can be read on Craig Hamrick's web site.


'By Craig Hamrick • 'Story by Dan "Marilyn" Ross

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