Life and Death of Barnabas Collins

Front cover of the book.

The Life and Death of Barnabas Collins was a biography written by William Hollingshead Loomis in parallel time. It was published in Boston in 1965. The non-fiction book tells the story of the famous Collins ancestor (William's wife, Carolyn Loomis, was a Collins). In parallel history, Barnabas married Josette and had four sons before his death in 1830.

The book was a financial success for Loomis and his fourth best-selling book. However, not long after its publication, he became distracted by the attentions of Angelique Stokes Collins and suffered from writer's block after her death. He was searching for a copy of the book that he had given to Angelique when the maid, Hoffman, angrily threw it out of the room. The book ended up in the hands of the Barnabas from the main time band, and further cemented his intentions of travelling to parallel time.

Back of book

The back of the book includes a photo and biography of William Loomis

Loomis intended to write a follow-up to the book after encountering this Barnabas. However, he was bitten by the vampire and forced to destroy this new work.

The front cover of the book was relatively simple, with just the title and author's name. The back cover included a brief biography of the author:

Mr. Loomis is the author of three best-selling novels, "Pride of Lions," "Gold Hatted Lover," and "World Beyond the Doors," all of which have been made into motion pictures. He is married and lives in Collinsport, Maine.

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