The Flip Side



Dramatic Reading


1973 / 1973PT


Cody Schell


David Darlington
Darren Gross
Jim Pierson


David Darlington

Sound Design

David Darlington

Cover Art

Alistair McGown


2-6, 25 May and 1 June 2013


September 2013



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The Flip Side is an audiobook produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in September 2013, and stars Nancy Barrett as Carolyn Stoddard, and Christopher Ragland as Jonah Rooney.

The play was nominated for a Scribe Award in 2014.

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“It's my philosophy. Heads or tails. Chances and choices...”

Carolyn Stoddard is lost. Widowed at an early age, she's the lonely rich girl, drinking her life away as her friends grow up and move on.

But Carolyn's life is about to change. Because Carolyn is about to be given a set of choices. And those choices will determine whether she is allowed to live or die.

It's closing time at the Blue Whale but for Carolyn Stoddard the night is far from over. It's time to face the music...

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The fishing town of Collinsport sits perched on the knifes edge where land meets the sea. When day turns to night the light and sounds of the Blue Whale pub stretch out across the water. Like moths the residents of this dark town are drawn in, they bask in the glow of each other's company and engage in their social rituals unaware of the danger of getting too close to the flame.

At the Blue Whale, bartender Jonah Rooney serves drinks to Carolyn Stoddard, Maggie Evans, Amy Jennings and Jim Hardy. The power cuts out prompting Jonah go check the fuse box. He discovers the dead body of his uncle Bob and an identical double of himself standing nearby who gleefully admits to being responsible, and who is ready to kill again.

Opening Theme

The double produces a coin imploring Jonah to look into it, which causes him to fall into a trance, unable to move. The alternate Jonah, who is interested in Carolyn’s whereabouts, kills the original Jonah and makes his way to the bar assuming his counterpart’s place. Observing Carolyn interacting with those around her, he mentally manipulates their actions, making their responses become hostile, causing them one by one to leave, much to Carolyn’s bewilderment, until the bar is completely empty. Now alone, they discuss the history of Collinsport, the legacy of the Collins family, Carolyn's place within those things and Jonah's interest in performing magic tricks.

As they walk home, Sabrina Jennings and Maggie discuss Carolyn's spoilt behavior. Suddenly, Jonah's strange influence causes Sabrina to freeze in the middle of the road as a car approaches, which hits her.

Jonah invites Carolyn to dance with him under the guise of it being a magic trick, as they do so, she begins to become wary of his odd manner. She tries to pull away from him in order to go to the bathroom, but he insists she stay with him. She starts to feel confused, questioning the situation she has got herself into. Jonah exerts his odd influence over her causing her to forget his peculiar behavior. He proceeds to tell her about the death of his parents and how Carolyn's beloved uncle Roger Collins was responsible.

The telephone rings with news from Jim of Sabrina's mysterious accident. In turn, Carolyn informs Jonah of the accident, but he is unconcerned, he gleefully admits to having caused everyone else to leave the Blue Whale and to being responsible for Sabrina's accident. He leads her to the back room, and shows her the dead bodies of Bob and Jonah. Carolyn cries out in distress. He explains how he from a parallel reality where different choices were made leading to different outcomes. In his version of reality he discovered a coin covered in sand, upon touching the coin it transported him to a version of reality ravaged by the Leviathans – created in that time due to a choice made by Carolyn. The coin then transports them to another version of reality where he encountered a different version of himself – in that time Carolyn's married name was Loomis. Imploring her to look in the coin, it transports them to the Blue Whale in another time band where they observe Jonah killing an alternate version of Carolyn. Returning to the original timeline, he taunts her over her own empty existence. As he pours her another drink she sobs completely broken. He tells her she is to commit suicide in front of Roger in order to avenge the death of Jonah's parents. If she doesn’t comply he will instead kill everyone she cares about. Reluctantly she agrees. Suddenly, she hits him with a bottle of tequila. She pours it all over him and then sets him on fire. Grabbing the coin, she darts outside.

Jonah – communicating to Carolyn inside her head – demands the return of the coin as it keeps him in this version of reality, he vows to catch her, the coin draws him to her. Reaching the train tracks, she places the coin on the track, he pleads with her to remove it, but to no avail, a train passes flattening it. Jonah hold over her is gone.

Sabrina recovers from the accident at hospital. Amy consoles her. Carolyn arrives. They discuss the fire at the Blue Whale and the death's of Jonah and Bob. As they leave, Carolyn asks Amy if she can join her in Salem when she goes to college. Amy happily accepts. Jim arrives wanting to ask Carolyn a few questions about the incident at the Blue Whale. Tired, she agrees to go to the police station in the morning to give a statement. They get on to the subject of Jim's affections for Maggie, she encourages to act on them before it's too late. She rings her mother to tell her how much she is missing her and of her plans for the future.

Closing Theme

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  • Jonah: Come on Carolyn, I know you like to dance. I’ve seen you dance with a lot of guys.
  • Carolyn: I don't dance with them, I… well… I dance for them.

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