The Eagle was a tavern and inn near the Collinsport docks in the late 18th century through at least the mid 19th century. For the 20th century drinking establishment in Parallel Time, see The Eagle (PT)

The Eagle tavern was a popular place for men to meet and drink. It was in approximately the same location as The Blue Whale in the late-mid 20th century, if not the exact same location. Lt. Nathan Forbes could often be found here, so presumably it was a bit higher class than other similar establishments, but not so much so that a member of Collins family would be seen there. Ben Stokes also patronized the tavern on occasion.

In 1840 the Eagle was still there.

Women and The EagleEdit

When Suki Forbes entered The Eagle she was told that women were not permitted alone inside the establishment (419). However; a woman was allowed if she were in the company of a man, even if he was not her husband or a blood relative. It appears there was a number of prostitutes who used this establishment for business purposes. Maude Browning made reference to "the girls at The Eagle" (439) which would indicate that there was a well-established group of prostitutes there. The proximity of The Eagle to the Collinsport docks proved to be fatal for many a young lady, among them Ruby Tate (414), Maude Browning (441), and Crystal Cabot (664).

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