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The Curse of Shurafa



Dramatic Reading


Rob Morris


Ursula Burton
David Darlington


David Darlington

Sound Design

David Darlington

Cover Art

Alistair McGown


28 September 2014
3 October 2014
16 December 2014


June 2015



The Curse of Shurafa Gallery
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The Curse of Shurafa is an audio drama produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in June 2015.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

"You drank from me, vampire. Shurafa draws closer because of you."

Barnabas Collins is a desperate man.

In Cairo's great cemetery, the City of the Dead, an ancient tyrant is plotting his return from the grave, and Barnabas has been chosen to assist in his rebirth.

When the city begins to burn, Barnabas is coerced into assisting his escape by murdering a young girl. But the reluctant vampire faces resistance from his conscience: a brilliant scientist by the name of Julia Hoffman.

Faced with a difficult choice, Barnabas finds that whatever path he takes could result in the loss of his closest friend.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Night falls over the great house of Collinwood. The encroaching darkness wrapping the ancient stones in it's lingering, unwelcome embrace. On this night, the vampire Barnabas Collins will reveal a painful secret. A secret from a past that haunts him still. And tonight, Harry Cunningham will find himself caught up in a tale that began in a far off land. A land as strange and alien to him as the present day is to his host.

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Dramatis personae[edit | edit source]

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • This story takes place after the Bloodlust miniseries.
  • The framing story takes place shortly after the framing story for Panic, possibly the same day
  • The main story takes place in 1973, at the same time the events leading up to, and including, Beyond the Grave take place in Collinsport, explaining why Barnabas and Julia weren't around during the latter.
  • Stokes mentions fighting zombies with Amy Jennings shortly before the events of the story, something Amy mentions, but doesn't go into specifics about in The Happier Dead.

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