The Curse of Collinwood



Paperback Library


Marilyn Ross


May 1968

Dark Shadows The Curse of Collinwood
The Curse of Collinwood is the fifth of the novels written by Marilyn Ross as part of a separate continuity.

Publisher's summary Edit

Upset over the death of Ernest Collins, Victoria begins to believe that phantoms are haunting her. Are they the figments of her imagination? As the threats to her life become very real, she is forced to accept the horrifying truth.

The strange figures are not phantoms but the bodies of Derek and Esther Collins, murdered more than a century ago. They were unwittingly released from their coffins by a shaft of moonlight - and doomed to roam the earth as the "living dead."

Synopsis Edit

At first, Victoria scoffs at the legend that Collinwood is haunted by zombies, members of the "living dead." She does not believe it possible that a shaft of moonlight striking their coffin can release two bodies buried for more than 100 years. Yet as Victoria continues to see the strange apparitions stalking the grounds of Collinwood, and as the threats to her life become more frequent, she is forced to admit that Collinwood--and her own life--are truly cursed.

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Notes Edit

  • Only book in the series not to be printed with a photographic cover.
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