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The cottage was located in the woods about a hundred yards from Collinwood. It was also referred to as Matthew's Cottage, Chris' Cottage, and The Caretaker's Cottage based on who was living there and the speaker.

In the 1890s, the Cottage was used as a trysting place for Quentin Collins, and as a place where he would perform black magic. It was here that he and Evan Hanley summoned Angelique in 1897 (711). Ironically, it later served as the home for his former lover, Laura Murdock Collins (731).

The cottage was given to Matthew in 1949 by Elizabeth Collins Stoddard when she took him on as the sole caretaker at Collinwood (6, 12).

When Vicki first visits Matthew's cottage (13), the location footage used for the exterior was filmed in the stable complex of the Lyndhurst estate in Tarrytown, New York.

Later on, the cottage became home to others. Laura Collins was the first to inhabit it after Matthew's death (135). Her stay was terminated by her "death" (190).

In 1968 (669), Chris Jennings moved into the Cottage to be closer to his sister Amy, who was staying at Collinwood, and Carolyn, with whom he was romantically involved (albeit briefly) prior to learning they were third cousins. He moved away with his fiancé, Sabrina Stuart and Amy in 1970 while Barnabas and Julia were gadding about in Parallel Time (1075).

In Parallel Time, the Cottage was where Catherine Harridge lived before she married Morgan Collins, and it was there she and Bramwell Collins conceived their child (1199).


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