When Jesus Christ returned from the dead, he gave a warning to all of his disciples. He told of what would happen in the future. "As I stood on the sand of the sea, I saw the Beast rise up from the sea. He had three heads and three crowns. Each crown Had a blasphemous name written on it. The Beast created Diabolos on the beach. The Beast and Diabolos then set out to conquer the nations. Each of the beast's heads shall plague man in his own time. The first head of the Beast is a heretic with great power and authority. He shall kill many and turn many against God. His power shall be unparalled. Many will be hanged at the hand of the Beast's first head. He will destroy those who turn against him, but the first head will be cut off by a man named Collins. The second head will be even worse then the first. Using Diabolos's power he shall grasp control of a great family, a family who had been powerful for 150 years. This head will slay many and even falsely claim thatgreat people are evil. He shall persecute and seduce the colony, but will be destroyed at the execution. The beast's third head is the most powerful and wicked. The beast will marry into a wealthy family. He will kill more people then both heads combined. He will raise the restless, evil dead fom their graves. He will be named Jebes and will falsely claim to be God. He will raise the Leviathans from hell and will start a war. For this head of the Beast will claim to be Jesus and Diabolos will seduce the world into believing he is God. But this head will lose his power slowly and will be destroyed by water. Diabolos will then be chained and thrown in the lake of fire, powerless." Jesus finally left to heaven, but he told his disciples to always be on the alert so that they would be ready for the rise of the Beast.

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