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Tarot cards

Angelique burns a house of tarot cards.


Tarot cards are one of the many supernatural tools that provide knowledge of a future event or situation, especially through extrasensory means. They are commonly used by gypsies, warlocks, and witches. Like a normal deck of cards, the tarot has four suits (which vary by region, being the French suits in Northern Europe, the Latin suits in Southern Europe, and the German suits in Central Europe). Each of these suits has pip cards numbering from ace to ten and four face cards for a total of 14 cards. In addition, the tarot is distinguished by a separate 21-card trump suit and a single card known as the Fool. Depending on the game, the Fool may act as the top trump or may be played to avoid following suit.

"The cards don't lie." - Leticia Faye, 1176

Card meanings[]

Card Meaning
0 or 22 The Fool Inconsiderate actions. Madness.
1 The Magician Male inquirer.
2 The High Priestess Female inquirer.
3 The Empress Action. Initiative.
4 The Emperor Will. Knowledge.
5 The Hierophant Inspiration. Spiritual advisor.
6 The Lovers Love. Lust. Alliance.
7 The Chariot Triumph. Providential protection.
8 Justice Justice. Balance
9 The Hermit Prudence. Solitude.
10 Wheel of Fortune Fortune. Destiny.
11 Strength Strength. Fortitude.
12 The Hanged Man Trials. Sacrifice.
13 Death Death. Drastic change.
14 Temperance Temperance. Economy.
15 The Devil Immense force. Illness.
16 The Tower Crisis. Destruction. Liberation.
17 The Star Hope. Dreams.
18 The Moon Hidden enemies. Danger.
19 The Sun Material happiness. Lucky marriage.
20 Judgement Change of position.
21 The World Assured sucess.

Card Meaning
1 Ace of Wands Initiative. New projects. Birth.
2 Two of Wands Equilibrium. Hope. Healing.
3 Three of Wands Resourcefulness. Cleaning.
4 Four of Wands Agreement. Prosperity.
5 Five of Wands Preparation for a confrontation.
6 Six of Wands Defeated enemies. Rewarded efforts.
7 Seven of Wands Decisive challenge. Moral strenght.
8 Eight of Wands Motion. Dynamism. Blending of activities.
9 Nine of Wands Growth. Protective instinct.
10 Ten of Wands Self-confidence. Financial statements.
11 Page of Wands Friendship. Help from a companion.
12 Knight of Wands Journey.
13 Queen of Wands Understanding.
14 King of Wands Wisdom. Austerity.

Card Meaning
1 Ace of Coins Material control. New wealth.
2 Two of Coins Harmony. New discoveries.
3 Three of Coins Success. REcognition.
4 Four of Coins Profitable investments. Stability.
5 Five of Coins Hope. Comfort within family.
6 Six of Coins Confidence.
7 Seven of Coins Journey with interesting people.
8 Eight of Coins Completion. Self-esteem.
9 Nine of Coins Prudence. Sudden wealth.
10 Ten of Coins Returns. Old acquaintance.
11 Page of Coins Wise menagement.
12 Knight of Coins Professional success.
13 Queen of Coins Inheritance.
14 King of Coins Fruitful exchange.

Card Meaning
1 Ace of Cups Harmony. Material goods.
2 Two of Cups Falling in love. Collaboration.
3 Three of Cups Celebration. Love affairs.
4 Four of Cups Friendship. Happiness.
5 Five of Cups Protection.
6 Six of Cups Happy memories. Return of old friends.
7 Seven of Cups Fantasy. Inspiration. Choices.
8 Eight of Cups Ability to evaluate.
9 Nine of Cups Joy of the senses. Satisfaction.
10 Ten of Cups Material satisfaction.
11 Page of Cups New opportunities.
12 Knight of Cups Mysticism. Seduction.
13 Queen of Cups New offspring. Comprehension.
14 King of Cups Moral authority. Guidance.

Card Meaning
1 Ace of Swords Triumph. Achievement.
2 Two of Swords Challenges. Difficult choices.
3 Three of Swords Grief. Apprehension. Crisis.
4 Four of Swords Isolation. Death. New outlooks.
5 Five of Swords Future revenge. Betrayal.
6 Six of Swords Travel. Successful undertaking.
7 Seven of Swords Subterfuge. Conflicts.
8 Eight of Swords Imprisonment. Lack of trust.
9 Nine of Swords Liberation. Withdrawal.
10 Ten of Swords Drastic decision. Sacrifice.
11 Page of Swords Revelations. Carelessness.
12 Knight of Swords Enthusiasm. Victory.
13 Queen of Swords Determination. Sensual appeal.
14 King of Swords Legitimate authority. Legal suits.

Different spreads[]

  1. The Celtic Cross is the most common layout used for a Tarot card reading. Ten cards are drawn from the shuffled deck to form the Celtic Cross.
  2. The Tree of Life consists of ten cards, an eleventh signifier card can be optionally added, positioned in the center of the spread directly beneath the top card. The spread resembles a weeping willow tree.
  3. The 3 Card is an overview of the Past Present and Future of the querent. Three cards are drawn from a deck of cards that have been shuffled and cut twice. The cards are placed downward on the table. The first card flipped over is the middle card, representing present influences. Secondly, the card on the left is turned over for review of past influences. Thirdly, the final card on the right is revealed to give a future outlook.
  4. The Gypsy combines the 22 major arcana cards, (the trump cards of the Tarot deck) with the 20 cards drawn by the querent.
  5. The Pyramid consists of ten cards. This spread can be used for periodic life review readings. All the cards are placed upright starting with the top card. For the top card, either a signifier card is selected for this position or a random card is drawn from the shuffled deck. The remaining rows of cards are laid out from left to right.
  6. The Double Triad consists of seven cards. The center card is the signifier. The other six cards are positioned to form two triangles. An upright triangle (pyramid) and and upside down triangle (inverted pyramid). These two triangles interlock forming a six-pointed star. Geometrically this star card layout with its seventh card in the center forms a merkaba.
  7. The Circle consists of five cards, which are placed inside a circle. This sacred circle is intended to emulate a mandala or Native American medicine wheel. The first card is drawn from the deck in the east position, moving in the counter-clockwise direction, placing the cards in the South, West, and North positions. Each placement reflects the various bodies: East: Spiritual Body; South: Physical Body; West: Emotional Body; North: Mental Body; Center of Circle: Inner Guidance. The final card is intended to integrate the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental bodies and offer wisdom and inner guidance.


Character Description
368/369 Natalie DuPres Death, The Tower, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Wicked Woman
376 Natalie DuPres The Lover (inverted), Death, The Chariot
Naomi Collins Dreams she follows a tarot card to Jeremiah and his lover.
379 Natalie DuPres (no cards named)
Victoria Winters The Princess, The Magician, The Knight, Death
386 Natalie DuPres (no cards named)
400 Angelique Bouchard Collins Uses tarot cards as part of a ceremony to call upon the fires of hell.
403 Natalie DuPres (no cards named)
406 Natalie DuPres The Lover, Death, The Chariot, The Moon, The Tower of Destruction.
417 Natalie DuPres (no cards named); she saw her own death foretold in the cards.
441 Millicent Collins The Tower of Destruction, The Star, The Moon, The Chariot, The Lover, The Devil, The High Priestess (incorrectly identified by Millicent; in fact, the Queen of Cups)
647 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Finds the Tower of Destruction card.
701 Edith Collins The Tower of Destruction; Magda promises to bring some old gypsy cards to show her that are older than the Tarot.
706 Magda Rakosi The Joker, The Queen, Death.
713 Madga Rakosi The Queen (inverted), The Joker, The Tower of Destruction, The Ace.
719 Madga Rakosi (no cards named)
752 Madga Rakosi (no cards named)
786 Madga Rakosi The Force, The Moon, The Lover (inverted), The Tower of Destruction (inverted), The Hanged Man (inverted)
992 Daniel Collins (1970 PT) The Tower of Destruction.
992 Hannah Stokes (no cards named)
1003 Hannah Stokes The Tower of Destruction, Moon (inverted)
1014 Quentin Collins (1970 PT) The Hanging Man
1014 Angelique Stokes Collins (no cards named)
1015 Angelique Stokes Collins Hanged Man
1038 Angelique Stokes Collins Hanged Man
1123 Flora Collins Moon, Emperor (inverted), Empress (inverted), Death.
1124 Leticia Faye Finds the Tower of Destruction card.
1132 Gerard Stiles (no cards named)
1141 Desmond Collins (no cards named); he apparently learned how to read the cards from the gypsies on the great plains of Macedonia.
1176 Leticia Faye Uses an ordinary deck of playing cards to read Gerard's future

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