I have not seen the 1967 Laura Collins story yet, but I have read some of the synopsis and I have seen the entire 1897 Laura Collins story and I am thinking it may be better to split this entry into a Laura Collins (1967) page and a Laura Collins (1897) page. The stories are both very complex and filled with specific details about the previous incarnations of Laura.

1897 - Laura Murdoch Collins Laura is a follower of Ra, having previously existed as Laura Stockbridge Collins, the first wife of Jeremiah Collins. No mention of her being a Phoenix is ever given.

1967 - Laura Collins, the Phoenix Laura is the Phoenix and events from exactly 100 years previous tie her predecessor to L. Murdock Stockbridge, but never directly to the Collins family except for the unknown relationship she had to Josette. The 1867 version of this Laura had a son named David who perished with her in a fire. There are also ties to other previous incarnation.

This would take some work, particularly going back to the previous entries for each Laura and deciding which one they went to. Or could we have those link to a disambiguation page?

See ya after Sunset! NightBear 20:53, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

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