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Tainted Love



Dramatic Reading


Daniel Collard


Joseph Lidster
Jim Pierson


David Darlington

Sound Design

David Darlington

Cover Art

Alistair McGown


September 2015



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Tainted Love is an audio drama produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in September 2015.

Publisher's summary Edit

"I’ve seen this before - once the obsession takes control there’s no going back, there’s no way to save them."

Collinsport is broken after recent events. David Collins is intent on rebuilding the town he almost helped to destroy, and enlists the help of his old friend Amy Cunningham.

As these two childhood companions begin to reconnect and discover feelings they never knew existed, another woman from David’s past is about to make her own timely return.

Synopsis Edit

Collinsport. A town on the edge of the sea. A town on the edge of the world. A town that just a few days ago faced a devastating destruction. Now, on a cold September night, two old friends, reunited after many years apart, look to the future. But they are unaware that another prodigal daughter of Collinsport is about to return.

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Background information and notes Edit

  • This story takes place after the Bloodlust miniseries
  • This story takes places over the course of a year, with holidays marking significant events in the love triangle
  • Hallie last appeared in Carriage of the Damned, which takes place nearly ten years before this story
  • The framing story for Deliver Us From Evil takes place shortly before the Christmas 1983 scene, and is mentioned by Amy
  • The first scene takes place a few days after the events of Bloodlust, with other scenes taking place during the Halloween and Christmas of 1983, Valentines Day, April Fools Day and Fourth of July of 1984. The final scene takes place a year after the first.
  • Hallie hides in the cave at the bottom of Widow's Hill where Angelique lived during Bloodlust.
  • Jeanne Flagler makes an appearance here. During the 1995 flash-forward episodes, she had been killed in the ruins of Collinwood. This episode confirms that her fate was changed, as the events on 1970 altered.
  • David Selby has a brief cameo appearance in the final scene.

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