A supernatural shadow threatens Jeb Hawkes.

A supernatural shadow was a creature that existed solely for the purpose of killing its victims. A shadow would appear and haunt its target before eventually growing and consuming its intended mark.

In 1970, Angelique Collins used a supernatural shadow to haunt and torment Jeb Hawkes, as she blamed him for ruining her marriage to Sky Rumson. The shadow began as a paper cutout that Angelique pinned to Jeb's chest. It appeared soon after as a real shadow and haunted Jeb when he was in lighted areas (968), each time appearing larger than before (969, 972). Jeb pinned the paper cutout on Nicholas Blair, and the shadow shifted its attack to the warlock, instead, killing him in its first appearance (979).

In 1840, Gerard Stiles, under the control of the warlock Judah Zachery, used a creature much like a supernatural shadow to kill Mordecai Grimes and strengthen the case against the original Quentin Collins, who was on trial for witchcraft (1184).

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