Suki Forbes
Suki Welles Forbes
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Jane Draper

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Suki Welles Forbes

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Attacked by Barnabas Collins

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(In Death)

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Nathan Forbes (Husband)

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Suki Welles Forbes was the gold-digging first wife of Lieutenant Nathan Forbes. She came to Collinsport to collect money from her husband. (419) Nathan and Suki married on April 8, 1792 and later separated, but did not divorce. Nathan's marriage to her was a very unhappy one. When Suki learned of her husband's plans to marry Millicent Collins, she posed as his sister and blackmailed him in order to keep her secret.

Nathan and Suki decided to meet at the Old House to strike a deal. Instead Suki happened upon Barnabas Collins and discovered his secret. Barnabas strangled Suki in order to protect himself from being exposed. Nathan arrived right before she died and she told him that Barnabas attacked her. Millicent later discovered Suki's true identity when she sorted through her papers.

Suki eventually had her revenge in the 20th Century. She appeared, along with her husband (as ghosts) at the trial of Barnabas Collins, where Nathan named Barnabas as their murderer. The trial was presided over by the ghost of Reverend Trask who sentenced Barnabas to the same fate he himself had suffered. (512)

Appearances Edit

419, 420, 423, 424, 512

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