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Elizabeth unlocks the basement storeroom to prove it has nothing to do with the disappearance of Paul Stoddard.

The storeroom was a locked room in the basement of Collinwood.

In 1949, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard believed that Jason McGuire buried her husband, Paul, in the storeroom. She kept it locked and wore the only key on a chain around her neck (246).

Victoria Winters first discovered the storeroom soon after coming to Collinwood when she came down to the basement looking for David Collins, who was hiding from her. She mistakenly thought he might be inside. Elizabeth told her it used to be a storeroom (6). Vicki would soon learn about the lock and key. The sobbing that Vicki hears coming from the locked room is eventually revealed to be Elizabeth (272), sobbing over what she believed to be the grave of her dead husband.

Carolyn forced Elizabeth to open the storeroom to prove it being locked had nothing to do with the reason Liz is marrying Jason (249). Little did Carolyn know, Jason McGuire had checked out the room, knowing the truth was that there was nothing to find. He had helped Paul Stoddard fake his death many years ago and so there was nothing to find. He keeps this knowledge to himself until Elizabeth confesses to Paul's murder and takes a group there to look at the room. It was only at this point that Jason told the whole story, and an excavation of the floor confirmed that Paul Stoddard's corpse was not present (273).

After this, the storeroom was never seen or mentioned again.