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The horse stables at Collinwood was a large, two-story wooden enclosure on the south end of the property separated from the main house. Included in the structure was a carriage house containing several antique Hansom cabs and sleighs. The second floor area of the stables was cluttered with various pieces of furniture that the Collins family had collected over the years.

In 1810, Charles Collins kept his personal steed, Dubloon housed inside of the stables. He used Dubloon as a weapon of vengeance against a clergyman named Reverend Strack, whom he blamed for the death of his lover, Angelique.

In the summer of 1970, the stables were largely empty, but the dark stalls became a favourite hideout for the Collins family handyman, Willie Loomis. Willie would often spend his off-hours lazing about the stables drinking himself into a stupor. During these nights, he tried to decipher a cryptic riddle alluding to the location of the infamous missing jewels of Naomi Collins.

In June of 1970, Carolyn Stoddard became a vampire and used the stables as a safe refuge during the daylight hours where she was forced to sleep. Sheriff George Patterson and his deputies discovered her coffin inside the stables one evening and cornered her. Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes and Patterson’s men held Carolyn down and drove a stake into her heart.

After the passing of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in 1971, Collinwood’s caretaker, Carlotta Drake hired her nephew, a man named Gerard Stiles, to work as a stable hand. Gerard looked after a large thoroughbred horse named Ulysses.


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