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St. Eustace Island was a small, fog-enshrouded island located off of the North cove near Widows' Hill in Collinsport, Maine. Upon the island was an ancient castle, which contained the ruins of an abandoned chapel monastery. The land surrounding the castle was difficult to traverse and was comprised of dense thickets, slippery embankments and heavy marshlands.

In July of 1970, Barnabas Collins sought shelter within the ruins of the castle when he discovered that the local authorities and members of the Collins family had learned the truth regarding his vampiric nature. He kidnapped a woman named Maggie Evans whom he believed to be the reincarnation of his late lover, Josette DuPres. He brought Maggie to the castle and took her to the chapel with the intention of turning her into his vampire bride. Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes and Roger Collins tracked Barnabas and his servant Willie Loomis to St. Eustace and attempted to kill him. Barnabas overpowered the two men however and turned them both into vampires.

Later, Maggie’s boyfriend, Jeff Clark, arrived on the island. He destroyed Stokes and Roger and entered the chapel hoping to save Maggie. Barnabas used his vampiric hypnosis on Jeff. During a scuffle, Willie Loomis thrust the bow into Barnabas back. As the credits roll, Barnabas' body vanishes and a bat rises from it and flies away.


  • Saint Eustace was a Christian martyr and was regarded as the patron saint of hunters.


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