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Sophie Baker was a young woman living in Collinsport in the year 1897. She claimed to have been a close associate of a "gentleman" named Captain Strathmore, as well as acquaintances with a drunkard named Charlie. Barnabas Collins encountered her near the fishing docks, and helped Sophie to locate her lost compact. Sophie took an immediate liking to Barnabas and asked him to escort her to the Blue Whale. His vampiric need for blood began to quickly overtake him, and he tried to leave Sophie's company. While fixing her make-up, she noticed that Barnabas cast no reflection in her compact mirror. Unable to resist the blood-lust any longer, Barnabas attacked Sophie, killing her and drinking her blood.


  • The character has also been referenced by the name Sophie Barnes.
  • Barnabas calls her Sophia, which is the more formal version of the same name.
  • Sophie's final fate was never shown.