The Sobbing Woman was first heard by Victoria Winters during her first night in Collinwood. (4) The following morning Carolyn Stoddard and Roger Collins claim not to have heard the sobbing. (5) Victoria later heard the sobbing again and followed it down to the basement. It stopped when she knocked on a locked door. Roger confronted her in the basement and accused her of imagining things. He berated her for being in the basement. Later that night, after apologising to Victoria, Roger admitted that he did hear the sobbing. He told her that he'd heard it many times but didn't know what it was. He believed it might be a ghost. (37) The following morning, Elizabeth told Victoria that it must be the sound of wind travelling through the pipes. Later Carolyn admitted that she had heard it her entire life but that it no longer bothered her. (38)

Her voice was provided by an uncredited Florence Stanley.

Before appearing as Mrs. Johnson, the sobbing woman heard in episode 37 was played by Clarice Blackburn.

Appearances Edit

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