Smith Brothers portrait ep45

Smith Brothers portrait_ep45

The Smith Brothers portrait gets its name from the subject of the portrait, a Victorian-era gentleman with a dark handlebar mustache who wouldn't look out of place on a box of Smith Brothers cough drops.

The Smith brothers portrait is one of the more well-traveled props on Dark Shadows, a staple on many sets throughout the show's run.

The Smith Brothers portrait is first seen in 1966 in the cannery office of Roger Collins (45). In 1967 it is in the Garner & Garner Collinsport branch law office of Frank Garner (148). That year it also makes a cameo in the Collinwood foyer (206). In 1968 the Smith Brothers portrait adorns the front rooms of Professor Stokes' apartment (487) and Nicholas Blair's house (560). In parallel time 1970 it hangs over the mantle of the Collinwood room of Alexis Stokes (1024, 1025, 1026,1032) and is also in the front room of Timothy Stokes' cottage (1043, 1044, 1057).

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