Sky Rumson
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Geoffrey Scott

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Schuyler Rumson

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Forced to commit suicide by Barnabas Collins



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Angelique Bouchard (Wife)

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Schuyler "Sky" Rumson, was a wealthy man and publisher who owned an island home not far from Collinsport. In late 1969, he married Angelique Bouchard, all the while hiding his allegiance to the Leviathans.

Biography Edit

Dr Julia Hoffman went to the island home of Sky Rumson in 1970 to acquire a painting from his vast collection. She knew that underneath the inferior landscape of the painting she wanted was the magical portrait of Quentin Collins. Sky left the matter in the hands of his wife, Angelique (923), who agreed to help Julia in exchange for leaving her alone following the loan of the portrait. Angelique stated that she met Sky while working as a model for one of his magazines and they had been married about six months. Sky made her happy and she had decided to no longer use her powers so that she could maintain a normal relationship with him (924).

Outwardly, Sky seemed loving and genuine, and while he scolded Angelique for keeping any secrets, he had a secret of his own: Sky was allied with the Leviathans, an ancient race of beings bent on conquering the Earth for their own purposes as they had once, before humans existed. He had come into an alliance with them after making a bargain for wealth and power with Mr. Strak (969). Angelique hid Carolyn Stoddard at their island home, but Sky informed Leviathan leader Jeb Hawkes of the arrangement and assisted in getting Jeb alone with Carolyn (944, 945). Sky fooled Angelique into leaving the house, and Jeb ordered fellow Leviathan cult member Elizabeth Collins Stoddard out of the house as well. Alone, Carolyn was terrified. Sky soon returned to the house alone and opened the front door to allow Jeb entry into his home (945). Sky was the one who killed Jeb Hawkes when he turned against the cult. Jeb was thrown over the cliff at Widows Hill while he trying to save Carolyn. After seeing what Jeb's death did to Carolyn, Barnabas Collins took revenge on Sky by forcing him to shoot himself with his own pistol. (980)

Appearances Edit

923, 924, 945, 946, 947, 954, 955, 964, 967, 969, 974, 979, 980

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