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Silas Clarney
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Christopher Lee


Dark Shadows (2012)

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Silas Clarney



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Silas Clarney is "the godfather of the Grand Banks", a respected elder among the fishermen of the Maine village of Collinsport, where the story is set.

Led by Willie Loomis, the revived vampire Barnabas Collins seeks out Clarney at his table in the corner of The Blue Whale Tavern, a crowded local pub, where he attempts to persuade the fisherman to abandon his long-standing employment with the company controlled by Barnabas' nemesis, the witch Angelique Bouchard, and instead to begin working for the Collins Family's fishing business. Willie explains that Clarney's influence would be pivotal in turning other fishermen in the community against Angelique's Angel Bay Seafood and leading them to work with the Collins Canning Company fishery that Barnabas is determined to reinvigorate.

Clarney vigorously rejects Barnabas' proposal ("Take a long walk off a short pier!"), declaring loyalty to his current employer, whereupon Barnabas uses his vampiric powers to mesmerise Clarney into cooperating. As a result of this vampirically induced cooperation and other efforts, the previously struggling Collins family business begins to become competitive again with Angel Bay, resulting in further confrontation with Angelique.