Shipwreck Point was a location on the Maine coast near Collinsport. It contained a cave where Barnabas Collins once hid his coffin.

When Quentin Collins went to the cave to kill Barnabas, he was followed by Charity Trask, who was under the influence of the spirit of Pansy Faye. Quentin failed to kill Barnabas, but left his stake and mallet there. Charity went into the cave and did not fail to stake Barnabas. She then returned to Collinwood and told Edward Collins, who went to inspect the body. Satisfied, he then had the cave sealed. Later, Evan Hanley followed Angelique to the cave and told Count Petofi, who had swapped bodies with Quentin. Petofi and Aristede then locked Angelique in the cave with Barnabas (866).

Angelique tried to remove the chains from the coffin, alarming Aristede. Petofi soon returned and decided to destroy the body, lest Angelique remove the stake or find some way to bring Barnabas back to life. Angelique managed to trick Aristede and ran out of the cave, knocking him unconscious with a rock. When Aristede awoke, he saw Barnabas standing over him, asking for help (867).

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