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This article is about The Sheriff of Collinsport in 1995. For the Sheriff in 1967-1969, see Sheriff George Patterson. For 1969-1970, see Sheriff Davenport.

The Sheriff of Collinsport in 1995 (Played by Don Crabtree) was still a young kid when trouble befell Collinwood in 1970. He remembers Carolyn Stoddard from that period of time. Carolyn approached him to report two trespassers at Collinwood, who turned out to be Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman. They claimed they were staying in Bangor and had left all their ID there. Barnabas claimed to be the son of the Barnabas Collins that Elizabeth Collins Stoddard gave The Old House to in the 1960s and had inherited it (1063). The Sheriff recommended they leave town and promised to arrest them if they trespassed at the Great House again. Carolyn used this threat often.

One night, Julia, under the influence of Gerard Stiles, told the Sheriff that Barnabas was a vampire. When Barnabas arose that evening at The Old House, the Sheriff was waiting with a cross and a gun loaded with silver bullets (1069). Fortunately for Barnabas, the ghost of Carrie Stokes appeared and frightened the Sheriff, who obviously recognized her. Barnabas was able to exploit this opportunity to kill the Sheriff (1070).


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